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Really fun game. It's really satisfying when you manage to hit a big attack, and I can see myself playing it again later.

The shields, though, could be improved: they recharge pretty fast, so you can't wait too long to attack, but if you don't wait long enough your Attack command will not reach many ships. I understand the risk/reward here (and the need to make EMPs relevant), but it doesn't feel quite balanced yet. Also, they could have a little timer showing when they will activate again.

Another suggestion is a Cancel command, so you can cancel (obviously) a misclicked/wrong order. Then again, properly choosing orders is part of the challenge.

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I'll admit that I didn't test it much during the jam, but I'll try to improve the pacing and the jump speed/height balance in the future. Also, I'm glad the level design worked.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm glad you liked it. I'm considering making it a full game in the future, so thanks for the smartphone suggestion.

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Very interesting take on the theme, but the difficulty is a bit too high. Controlling a super fast character that can jump really high is a pretty good challenge, but having killer walls around the whole level feels a little too much IMO. 

Also, you respawn really fast and close to the walls, so it's very easy to lose two lives in a row (for example, you're moving to the right and about to hit the wall, so you press left. But you already hit the wall and respawned, so you hit the wall to the left of the spawn).

Still, very original interpretation of the theme.

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Fun idea with a good execution, but with room for improvement.

The acceleration and braking feels just right, so you can control your car with a fair amount of precision. Auto-turning on the green arrows works well most of the time, but sometimes they change just as you enter them (or even when you're already on them) and can get you off guard.

The pedestrians and other cars present a fair challenge for you to avoid hitting them, but sometimes the RNG will place a car right behind you when the level starts, forcing you to accelerate right away. Also, the countdown numbers are too big and can often hide a pedestrian crossing the street (not too mention, they're a bit too much, being on every junction).

Overall, a good entry (Also, ragdoll physics (like in the trailer at 0:43 and 1:48) are always funny =D).

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My entry's "only one" is the player's only one ability, which is to jump (more than once, though). And, also, the game's playable with only one button.

I intended to have more stages and a recurring boss that you would have to fight in different ways each time (and an one-legged character for extra "one-ness"), but the deadline lazyness struck me hard. Still, I'm glad I managed to submit something in the only one (HA!) Game Jam that I participated.