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This game is brilliant. Great job on the fun characters and on point level design

This game is awesome. Great puzzle solving game, especially with the last level making me play it in a way I though wasn't efficient. Progression is great too as it slowly teaches you how something new works with a single stage dedicated to seeing an example of what it can do!

Woah it was very challenging! Beat on the first try but I got heavy hits on the second minute. Very fun overall.

I think the idea is very clever, but I can't quite get what the "one" thing is here. Is it the 1 playable character?

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A challenging platformer! The one light gimmick is used alot better in later stages where the player has to memorize some platform to platform distances while treking in the dark.

 One of the later levels is super long so dying once makes it frustrating and jumping in to the enemies isn't always in favor of the player with me and the enemy killing each other sometimes.

63 moves! I liked the background assets the most as they're pretty nicely done. The gameplay is simple enough but there could be a bit more challenge such as waiting for enemies to pass by in exchange of tight corridors

Thank you for playing! We left level design last so it's not as polished as I'd want it to, but the idea was to let the players use slopes and speed to get where they wanted to. Hope your brain is all patched up 

All these comments make me happy. Thanks everyone

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ah mega easy

Easy victory

needs to start with burps and make the burps stun enemies for a bit, but I like the idea

Yeah we should've checked for it better 

Alright I sent you a friend request on discord to talk more about it.

Still looking for a teammate?  We got a programmer, music guy and myself as a game designer for this cover! Shovel girl gets sucked into an abstract looking world and is attacked by a all sorts of weird enemies. We're looking into having her keep herself in the air by connecting hits.

What happens if people like your game and you want to expand it? I'm guessing you'd have to change the art entirely