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Hey! I just played the new version and I have to say, I loved it! The new rooms are very interesting and making the number of tiles persistent gave a cool motivation to explore the beaten levels a little more. Also, the numbers on the last room really gave a new depth to the game. I think it could be a nice if you could choose between restarting the level with the same amount of tiles or going to the previous level and tryi to get some more (specially if you decide to add more levels in the future). Just one little, but important detail: The color of the numbers relative to the blue key in the last room are very similar to the tile colors. As a colorblind player, I could barely see them, really. I spent some minutes wondering why there were only red numbers haha. Well, I enjoyed this new version even more than I expected. Congratulations! I hope to see more games from you in the future ;)

Thank you very much! I am really honored :D!

Thank you very much, knox! Glad you enjoyed the game and the references :D. My first idea would be to add more enemies and weapons, but using the bullet to break objects or trigger buttons is a really cool idea, it would also fit the game very well.

I saw that you have already a new version with extra levels, can't wait to try it :D

Hello, knox! Just played and rated your game, very charming  :).

My game is called  "I am Bullet", where you sneak on enemies and infiltrate their guns in order to eliminate them. Hope you like it :D

Rated! Really cool game :)

Very original concept! The pixel art was also really beautiful, I loved it! I would really like to see this game with more types of tile and randomized rooms.  Short, but charming!

I really like the create a clone idea and the ability to swap  them. I also liked how the game's mechanics were introduced. Good job!

Hey there! Just downloaded your game and going to play it right now :).

My game is called  "I am Bullet", where you sneak on enemies and infiltrate their guns in order to eliminate them. Hope you like it :D

Thank you! Very happy that you liked it! More variety of enemies would definitely be the way to go in case I have the chance to work more on the game in the future, snipers would be pretty fun! Also, rated and commented your game aswell ;)

The idea is pretty interesting and original, left me very curious to see the ending. As the game is hard and I am really bad at it, I couldn't beat it. I missed some clearer indications to what kills you in the game and what you can pick up (maybe an extra color for everything that can kill you). Overall, nice job for only 16h! Hope to see more games from you in the future :D

You're welcome, glad you liked :D

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Ok, I couldn't resist but to make a bad pixel-fanart back :P!

Please forgive me:

That's awesome! Definitely not disappointed :D. 

And really nice game you made, very polished and fun to play!

Really beautiful pixel art, very fresh and original too! Loved it!

Beautiful art, very interesting progression as the snot ages, really loved the fact that old snots can fly :D! Overall, great game and fits perfectly with the theme. Well done, guys!

Thank you very much! Really glad you liked :D!

Thank you, great!

Very good game with a fresh idea. I really like how the world is the same, even if you can only see one color at a time. Also, the way you introduced the new colors was really nice. Great job!

Glad you enjoyed! Yeah, it is a bit too hard to get away when spotted, hope to fix it soon. Thanks a lot for taking your time to review the game!

This game is absolute genious. It takes the "only one" concept perfectly and is surprisingly beautiful. Loved the atmosphere. Congratulations on the amazing job!

Hello Pablo!

Just played and rated your game, nice job with the ducks :D!

If you want to play and rate my game aswell, I'd really appreciate it.  

Here it is:

I loved your game! Really unique concept and design. Very juicy too!

If you have the time to rate my game, I would really appreciate it.

This was one of my favorite games in the jam! Simple concept, but very polished, juicy and original. Great work!

Hello Jordan, amazing initiative you had!

I would love to see what amazing fan art a talent such as yours could make for my game :D.

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I really like the idea of being able to get your enemy's weapons when you kill them. The music is also very good and fits the game. I took a little time getting used to the controllers, but I had fun nonetheless. Good job!

Thank you a lot for the review and the valuable feedback:D! Really glad you enjoyed.

Hahaha, no idea where this name might have come from... You have made some good points,  I'll hopefully fix those issues in the near future. And thank you very much for leaving a review, I hope you had fun with the game! 

Thank you, Barldon! I was aiming to make something unique with a simple ideia :D

Wow, your comment really made my day, thank you very much! Some long hallways would definitely be a great idea, time was a little short on the level design side xD

Thank you very much! Really glad you liked :D