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Thank you for playing!) Almost all the time we had LMB for heart and RMB for punch ) we wanted to add option to change controls, but didn't have time in the end.

Wonderful game) Great comedic vibe, music, visuals the sense of accomplishment.

Really enjoued this one) Thank you! )

Very simple mechanic, but the visual style, animations, sound design and music comes together to create very fun and enjoyable expirience.
So simple, yet so beautiful and emotional.

This game could easily be published for a mobile platform. Great work!

I liked the concept of controlling both characters at the same time. Loved the visuals and effects the missing element is atmospheric background music to evaluate the overall expirience. Other then that it's a very nice game.

Very good game. Great idea and wonderful puzzle design. Also simple and effective visuals , nice background music.

Really enjoyed this one. Great job!

Good game. Very good puzzle design and visual presentation. I didn't like the music though)

Overall it's a great game with memorable visuals and game mechanics. Good work! )

Thank you for playing!) To pick up any hand you just have to step on it. Some people can get a bug when their heart just disappear and never returns, but it won't kill the player. Sorry for the bugs. We hope to fix them after the voting process.

I like the idea, but I think the execution could be better. Projectiles are hardly visible and also sounds would benefit from spatialization in a scene. 
I think it would be more fun if guns won't dissapear after some time and game would just throw more enemies after each room)

Good game. I think you might add background music, make super simple tutorial and adjust difficulty curve, it's easier to start, get used to and then attack with all ice and flame that you have)))

Other than that it's a very cool idea and execution) Great job!

Nice concept, but it's unfortunate that you had only 3 hours. This could evolve in something very cool)
For 3 hour game you did great job! 

Very good game. I think it's quite original view on the theme Joined Together. Also the execution was also well done. The sound and visuals fit together in harmony. Music was great, but maybe just a bit too dramatic for kind of game)
I think it's a pretty strong submission. Great job!

Quite cool concept. I think it would be better if control both ants with AD buttons and just switch them with space. Visuals are good, but sounds need some improvement, music was good)
Gameplay was nice and a bit tricky in a good way
Overall very nice submission

Thank you for playing! ) In last 5 minutes of jam we noticed that almost all our lighting in a scene is movable instead of stationary or static and it did influence performance in a not so pleasant way) So, sorry about that)

Thank you for playing! ) 

Great game! Very nice visual style, transitions between screens. Good music and SFX. And very clever puzzle design.
Enjoyed it) Thank you

Hi! Thank you for your response! You can't use "W" and "S" , but you can use "A" and "D". Basically we've created first level that can be finished without using any controls as a tutorial, so player could get the understanding  of basic movement mechanic. Also levels designed in such a way that you often need to leave out the controls and don't press any buttons  to progress trough the environment) 

What a beautiful game from any point a view. Original idea, fantastic music and mood, great humor and very enjoyable controls makes this game what it is. A wonderful game and expirience I wish could be longer)

Thank you for this)

It's very cool and creative look on the jam theme "Out of Control", because sometimes you literraly have to lose control in order to solve a puzzle.

I really enjoyed playing this game. The visals are clean, informative and pretty. I really like the color palette. Sound effects are satisfying and they do enchance the gameplay expirience.

The puzzles have a very clever design that gives that nice feeling of discovery and satisfaction. And I like the evolution of game mechanics from the core idea of using transmitters to control robots.

Overall it's a great game that has interesting puzzle design, good presentation and fun gameplay. Good Job!

P.S. Thank you for playing and commenting our game! Much appreciated!

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It's a very good game. It has great visual style, action gameplay with tactical elements and very interesting mechanic that fit the jam theme "Out of Control" perfectly.

Sounds were good too. This game could greatly benefit from some action/electronic soundtrack that would take whole gameplay expirience to a higher level.

I like the approach, the production quality and creative cool ides. Great Job!

P.S. You can check out the game we made if you want

It was super fun) I laughed after each successful level)

This game has a great visual presentation and very fun, dynamic gameplay. I wish there was sound effects and music to enchance an overral expirience and bring it to the next level. 

Overall it's a very good game and fun expirience, which even has educational seed in it. Great Job!

P.S. You can also play the game we submitted

Nice game and it's a good view on changing the controls mechanic. I did read some comments before playing, so I was prepared. 

I really enjoyed the colorful visual style, cheerful vibes and chaotic movement of enemies. Changing controls after hit wasn't annoying for me at all. It's opposite actually. I really tried to avoid enemies and get those mashrooms :) I just wished game was a tiny bit faster, so there'better feeling of flow and more levels. 

Still it's a good game that really fits the jam theme "Out of Control". Great Job!

P.S. You can also play game we submitted

It's hard to judge this kind of games. They do similar things, but in an innovative way.

 I've enjoyed this colorful palette of emotions and story through most of the game, but sound of crying baby didn't fit well with overall beautiful visuals, great music and good sound design.

 Also I think this game is a very creative way of telling a story. Great Job!

P.S. You can also play the game we made with our team

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Nice game.
I did find two exits in the city. I like save points and enemy view indicators. I think they make game fair to the player, I just wished enemies would have better hearing because sometimes I just ran behind them.
Overall playing this game in stealthy manner gave a whole lot better emotions and expirience. I wish there was more levels and they were harder.
P.S. Thank you very much for playing and rating our game! 

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It's a great game.
Very interesting emotional expirience. I really enjoyed this sad, melancholic vibe and story was very relatable.
As a musician I can say that I didn't enjoy some clicks in music because the loop wasn't perfect. And whole game would benefit if some sounds were a little softer.
Overall it's good view on a jam theme "Out of Control" and expirience that I would like to repeat. Good Job!
P.S. You can also check out the game we made

It has a very cool mechanic wich felt interesting, satisfying and rewarding, but also very hard and too punishing. Because even if you figured out the puzzle and had that Oooohhh moment you still had to perfrom all jumps perfectly.

Puzzle design was good, but it would be amazing if player could finish levels in one long combo from start to end. 

Presentation was a bit off too with sounds and visuals, but It's because all time went in to puzzle design. If there was more time I think this problem wouldn't exist.

Overall I think this game need polishing here and there to make it less punishing for every single little mistake and after  improving visals and sfx and we can get a very cool puzzle/platformer and a great game.

Thank you for response!
There's a bug in final titles
There's two tunes playing at the same time)