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I had a fun time, the teleport pads feel nice to zip around on, and there's some good variety with the breakable one use blocks, death lasers and boost pads later on

The minimalist aestetic work really well here, makes everything nice and readable to figure the puzzles out, which make a nice contrast with the super cool detailed robot hand ^^ 

To be fair there are a few small issues though, there are a few bugs from time to time with the physics, and one thing i'd suggest is to go easy on the motion blur, you put a lot in it so the best thing would be to have maybe an option so people can choose to have it on or not (could be a good compromise if you want to keep it ^^)

Other than that it feels pretty solid, the looks in general kinda give this "Tron" vibe which got me thinking, the way you handle movement seems like what they did for some VR games, so this could have potential in that regards ?

Anyway congrats for your game :)