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"After some hours walking through the forest you reach a clearing where the ground seems to be burnt to a crisp. Suddenly you hear a deep, loud roar through the misty darkness of the unexplored forest..."



Here's a couple of locations I made for 8bitAG's adventure. We decided to use the ZX Spectrum palette but with no colour/attribute clash limitation for speed.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot! I love doing ZX Spectrum stuff.

That sounds good!

Hi, if anyone is looking for an artist I'm available. I normally work in retro palettes (ZX Spectrum, CGA, GameBoy, etc) but I'm flexible. Here's my twitter for a bunch of my work:

Thanks! :D

Very authentic! My only complaint was the camera behaviour in some places, but otherwise great entry!

Loved it!

I fixed this now,  arrow/space keys won't scroll the window.

Thanks for the feedback! Yea it is quite easy, I spent my last few hours implementing other features rather than more testing, so I leaned toward making it easier rather than too hard. The enemies do have different behaviours/strengths but they're not very noticeable as I didn't want to break anything!

Of course, it's not my design! It was influenced by Super Hydlide.

Thanks for the feedback! Are you using arrow keys to move? I think the issue might be using arrow keys which is moving the window up/down, but this is a Construct 3 issue, not sure what's going on. If you can use WASD that should be fine and I'll investigate...

It's a feature!

With the drill, see the "Info" screen on how to use the drill.

It'd be cool to do a Next port, when I get a Next!

Thanks for the feedback, and so glad you liked it! I hope I can come back to this and add more to it after the jam is finished.

Thanks man, enjoyed the stream!

This was fun! I got 131 just after the "super end".

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Probably not yet. If you have any questions though ask away in the Scirra thread here:

Thanks! I don't plan to add a download version at the moment.

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Hi, I've provided a direct download to the HTML5 version. Just inzip this and run index.html in your browser. The reason I don't upload a win32/64/Linux version etc is because for desktop versions Construct 2 just bundles the game into a bare browser anyway, and the download is significantly bigger (50-60Mb compared to 10Mb for the HTML5 folder).

Wow, thanks!

Hi, no download currently sorry. I'm thinking of providing one though when I get around to the next patch.

I knew adding those checkpoints would be a headache.

I've added an alternative control scheme to the todo list for 1.2, I just don't have much time at the moment so it could be a while before I can do it.

Thanks dude. I noticed something similar during development. I think it's related to the Construct 2 engine not being deterministic and timings fluctuating slightly but I'd need to investigate more. If it's not a serious problem I'll probably end up leaving it though.

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I also saw you damage boosting in other rooms. What you could try, because getting hit always knocks you in the opposite direction to the way you're facing (and up slightly), is right before turn away from the thing your going to hit or back into it while drilling, that way you effectively get knocked into the direction you were moving. Not sure how effective it can be in a speedrun but it's something to try.

Nice find! That's gotta be 10 or 15 secs saved.

That was a really good run until the bad ending. To clarify, if you lose all 3 hearts after destroying the reactor it's always the bad ending. Generally I found the best reactor pattern is to go left, bottom, right, top, because the left and right vertical beams are slightly out of sync and you enter from the left so go there first. I'm sure there's an even better pattern though, without wasting time waiting on the sides.

Yea the middle zapper on that screen has the shortest time. None of those were designed to be ran through all in one go, but it might be possible I suppose if you wait for the right pattern.

Only other thing I noticed is you didn't use jump before jetpacking, that might save energy/time in places.

This is awesome!

Regarding the vertical zappers, do you mean those in the reactor? If so, there are four lights (or crosses when unlit), basically when they start lighting then the zapper on that side is about to come on, just as youll see all four lights go off when the zapper on that side goes off.

If you mean zappers on other screens, those are all predictable, just not necessarily all the same timing. In general you can stop between each zapper but it's slower.

I've uploaded v1.1 with the following changes:

- added keys Z and B as alternative to Spacebar.
- added checkpoints at unlocked doors and key points, continue can be used 3 times.
- small changes to some enemies.

Someone mentioned that over at the World of Spectrum forums too, so I uploaded all the images if ever anyone wanted to do a conversion:

The thread is here: