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Great stuff!

Thanks Antoine!

We didn't have time to complete the tutorial screen unfortunately.

I know sorry about that, it's a bug. I think it goes to 100.

Sorry about that, I forgot to change it at the last minute to 12!

Yea there is!

Hi Jacob, I've found a full team now sorry. Good luck in the jam though!

Polite bump. Still looking for a team if anyone needs a pixel artist.

Hey, I'm on the dungeoncrawlers discord here if you want to discuss:

Hi, I'm looking for a team or experienced programmer/designer to join up with.

Here's a couple of mock-ups I made for similar games:


It's because Microsoft give a warning for any exe they don't recognise or know that is widely used. From what I've read there's no way to avoid those warnings unfortunately. You can also run the python from the source code available here:

I love Marble Madness too! Thanks!

Haha thanks ;-)


Thanks for playing!

Good idea!

About 1min into the game there is a nuclear explosion ("Radioactivity") in the background, which is explaining that the wind pushing your balloon is the blast wind from a previous explosion, and you are also rescuing people from the area.

No, it's OK. :)

There are two colours. Please read this:

Just to add the game uses the theme "Radioactivity", but it becomes more obvious around halfway through the game.

(1 edit)

You have to play the game to find out.

Edit: Just to add the game uses the theme "Radioactivity", but it becomes more obvious around halfway through the game.

"After some hours walking through the forest you reach a clearing where the ground seems to be burnt to a crisp. Suddenly you hear a deep, loud roar through the misty darkness of the unexplored forest..."



Here's a couple of locations I made for 8bitAG's adventure. We decided to use the ZX Spectrum palette but with no colour/attribute clash limitation for speed.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a lot! I love doing ZX Spectrum stuff.

That sounds good!

Hi, if anyone is looking for an artist I'm available. I normally work in retro palettes (ZX Spectrum, CGA, GameBoy, etc) but I'm flexible. Here's my twitter for a bunch of my work:

Thanks! :D

Very authentic! My only complaint was the camera behaviour in some places, but otherwise great entry!

Loved it!

I fixed this now,  arrow/space keys won't scroll the window.

Thanks for the feedback! Yea it is quite easy, I spent my last few hours implementing other features rather than more testing, so I leaned toward making it easier rather than too hard. The enemies do have different behaviours/strengths but they're not very noticeable as I didn't want to break anything!

Of course, it's not my design! It was influenced by Super Hydlide.

Thanks for the feedback! Are you using arrow keys to move? I think the issue might be using arrow keys which is moving the window up/down, but this is a Construct 3 issue, not sure what's going on. If you can use WASD that should be fine and I'll investigate...

It's a feature!

With the drill, see the "Info" screen on how to use the drill.

It'd be cool to do a Next port, when I get a Next!

Thanks for the feedback, and so glad you liked it! I hope I can come back to this and add more to it after the jam is finished.

Thanks man, enjoyed the stream!