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Nice job! Quite fun to use, and very clean looking!

Ha, that's great! We had a similar concept of making undeads to fight for the player. Very cool! I hope you had as much fun as I did seeing creating those minions to fight for you!

Very nice! Of course the game looks amazing. But what make it for me is the map which is what you'd expect a classic roguelike to look like.

Oh gosh thanks for letting me know! Can you tell me which browser/OS you're using? You're right that every time you reach a yellow gate you should be seeing a different map. Unfortunately I couldn't repro this on Windows for Edge/Chrome/Firefox right now.

Thank you! And thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, there should've been more guidance for people who don't really know Blackjack, sorry about that! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you! And thanks for playing :)

This was lovely! I really didn't go very far with the keyboard, but the experience was great with a controller. Love the style.

Good job! Being able to set your own scale is a really nice thing for the player, I'll definitely do something like that in the future!

Very nice art!

I really like that the block action is actually necessary to avoid damage in many situations.

Cutting the panels at the end of a level is a neat little touch!

This is really nice! I agree that the directions are a little disorienting because they're relative to the character rather than the player. 

The level design is really good!

Thank you! It looks like you encountered a pretty annoying bug there too, I'll try to find and fix it tomorrow, sorry about that! And next time I'll make sure to make the game with proper scaling so it's a more comfortable size.

Thank you for the feedback and for for playing :).

Thank you! Pokemon for grown-ups is what I was trying to accomplish, so I'm happy to read that! I like your idea about crit damage, I agree that if I do that I should lower the odds of getting a blackjack.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Very nice, and fun combats! The "eyes" monster's pattern was super interesting.

Thanks! And thank you for playing :).

Thank you for playing and the feedback! I agree, I wish I took more time to do a battle song.

Very nice! I love the helm on the hud. I very much agree that you should continue with a post-jam version :).

Thank you, that makes me very happy especially considering the quality of your own submission! :)

I love this, your take on monster encounters is very neat!

Very well done! This feels good to play.

I love that the color palette stays the same when you pause, only shifted to the darker index, that's a great detail.

This is great! It feels really good to play, with a clear difference between the ferret and the tank. Controls on the floor are a nice touch.

It's easy to pick up and play for a more abstract game! It's simple, beautiful and the music is great.

Thank you for playing, will do for sure!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Sorry about the speed :).

Thank you for the feedback! I really should've explained the strats in the game. You're totally right, the AI plays as optimally as I could make it in time, so it will get 17-21 or bust.

The trick to beat the AI is to cheat with the "special" moves (the AI cannot cheat). For example, if you cheat by splitting once and the AI busts, you do 3 times damage.

Really nice! Pretty and I love the creepy vibe. The creepy text when you interact with stuff is really cool.

One minor trick I would recommend is some invulnerability frames when you get hit, especially when your character has a delay between attacks (the bats drained all my hearts except once in under a second by bouncing me around, one of the bomb-looking fella almost did the same thing by pushing me into spikes).

Fun game! The mechanics introduced very well, in a good pace to learn without it being patronizing.

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You made me feel I was playing a gameboy game even before the start screen! Great music, great graphics, and everything in the gameplay (i.e. having to grab a barrel before kicking it) makes you think it's an old gameboy game. Awesome job!

Looks really nice, good nostalgic feelings from pokémon! I really liked the push-block puzzle, because I haven't seen it done that way before. It's fun hopping from 747 to 747 to go where you want to go.

I agree that it's kind of hard to figure out what to do, but it's nice just being there nonetheless!

This is a very pretty game! Music is great and the characters are adorable. Being able to change the palette is a nice touch :).

Lovely! Thank you for sharing about Curupira!