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hahaha I set the parameters in a manner that was fit for me, but the problem is I tested the game so often I was okay with the capture range. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks! I love the music too! a nice guy from the community called RushJet1 made it. You should check out his work too :)

Thanks! :)

hahaha yeah! first time trying to do something like an AI. I think dumb AI was a good fit!

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Thanks! I noticed it does that sometimes. I just made an update that I believe fixes that issue. Please keep me updated if you can.

There are 4 levels currently, if you reset it and try again you'll probably be able to get to the end :)

Thanks for playing and for the kind words! :)

Thankss!! <3

Yeah, I feel like there area a few tricks in the level design that help to clarify how a platform game works. Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks again! Keep up the good work :)

Yeah, when I started to show it to a few friends they mentioned titles that use this mechanic. I think "Life goes on" was one of them. I had no knowledge of those when I came up with the design, but yeah, I guess the execution here has it's own charm hahaha thanks!

Thanks! I tried to convey a design that wouldn't get hurt with the low resolution. It was specially challenging to come up with the level design

This game made me feel like playing an arcade in the 90s!!! The music is AMAZING and I love the arcade feeling overall!

Thank you! :) I hope you enjoyed playing it.