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Yeah, that's what i was trying to say. NES could not support some effects used here. 

But i must say you put a lot of effort in imitating, unlike some other entries here.

No, it still looks too modern

Ah, it's pretty much what happened in Game Boy then, they had memory addresses for colors. Thank you :D

Loved the Game Boy overlay XD

Speaking of, how did you make the color palette changing feature? I found it very neat.

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1-bit was an awful name for the jam; there isn't such a thing as "1-bit graphics" or even "n-bit graphics" whatsoever, since "bit" is a term for hardware processing. Could have just called "Two Colors Jam". But i hope for the best nonetheless.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll consider all of that on future updates.

Yeah, that life system makes more sense with more checkpoint stages added, which you'd lose your progress on that stage. And time limit, which is very short for first-time players, as punishing factor indeed isn't a good idea in labyrinth puzzles of this kind. I'm just going to implement a score system that uses that a bonus factor.