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Thank you so much! Very fun gameplay

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! The full game will be released in the upcoming years.

I see cute 'em ups, I play them.

Great job, Michi! Love the parallax and  the TwinBee inspiration

I wish this had been more advertised. I made a game in Power Point more than 10 years ago

Oh, it's a cute tower defense management game! Intuitive and fun, would like to see a full campaign

Cute samurai game! I like the use of a scroll for the HP bar. It's also fun and nicely polished.

Well done challenge! I'd like to see this used into a full length game!

Adorei o "robô "Bomberman" de papel", haha. Obrigado!

Reminded me of old days playing Pang. Very fun action puzzle and feels much Game Boy as well.

Very authentic and fun game! You botheredto implement the ledge assistance and that makes a whole difference in a platformer. Please keep working on it!

Aw, a PC Engine inspired game <3 Would like to see more of these.
Nice palette cycling fade. I'm curious on how it was achieved.

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What a fun game! A true love letter to the Game Boy. You really bothered to animate the background tiles for parallax mimmicking! I could tell by its jittering. Very honored for having a fellow dev going for complete limitations of hardware.

Oh it's Michirin from the PC Engine music covers <3 Thank you so much for having acknowledged the channel limit :D Respecting the hardware limitations has always been my priority in the Game Boy Jam. Glad you had a good experience!

Very promising metroidvania! I could tell the inspiration from Cave Story right away. If you do some tuning to the controls, it's good to release. 

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Nice looking action game! The only tough thing was that you could only damage one enemy at a time, so it got really hard when they grouped on. But the implemented knockback helped with that.

Very clever use of power up absorbing for the puzzles! Got softlocked on the boss but I'll try again. It has a high potential for commercial release.

Fun game! It was hard to follow the enemies pattern, but managed  to reach stage 8. I'll try again later! Much gameboyish as well.

Wait, ignore that last part lol. I was binge playing the games and wrote that annotation for the wrong game

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I've done some workarounds on the Linux version. Hope it works properly now! Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

This one is so Game Boy I can smell it's package box, haha! Congrats on achieving that! It would have been better if the platforms were passible through, but as it is now, it's a challenge on his own.

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Nicely done! Despite having some leaps of faith, levels and visuals are really good for Game Boy's tiny resolution.

Nice of you to make a game for your cat :D Cute game! I only had trouble with the landing lag and some leap of faiths, but the floating jump made up for it.

This is Gameboyful to the bone! I wish there was a checkpoint system, but it was perfectly enjoyable. Nice use of background and sprites.

It was really hard to progress in the game, but good job on making weapon variety and charismatic characters!

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More bug fixes

- Stat depleting error fixed

- Animation transitions fixed

- Battle sound glitches fixed

Really fun game! The boss design is on point and it's a nice throwback to classic shmups

Really polished and fun game. The gum sound effects also deliver an additional satisfaction when performing the actions. I would support a  full release!

Realized Playtime wasn't being show properly, so made a new package with the problem fixed.

My apologies :/ Just had to export one on the last second and had no way to test it.

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We are aware of the bug where the SAMPLE_PUNCH doesn't deplete the bot's battery. But we will just leave at it, since minor fixes must be avoided on jam voting.

So sorry for the build size, haha! Side effect for having a track for each instrument.

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Fixed some issues with variable saving.

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Fixed a game destroyer experience. Where you entered a battle without custom attacks and got stuck. Also fixed Low HP sound glitch.

Mobile Electronic Kamibot in development for Game Boy Jam 7

Thank you! Yeah, it is actually an invented language, made by corrupting some characters. Not sure if I'll keep it in a full release. 

I'm happy that you liked the Amiga mod music. I should go for it in a full release as well.

AI was probably my biggest struggle. With more time, I could make it more natural.

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My Ludum Dare post-mortem:

"Initially, I was going to pass. But I felt motivated to make my first racing game. It’s about pulses running in the cyberspace (like, running out of human space).

I spent a day doing the racing system (that is still flawed) and another doing the visual part, that is free of text (it was a challenge).

The 3rd day was left for me to go to work and to put music and bug fixes together. It is far from my vision, but I hope to work on the game again soon.

Any rating and feedback is appreciated!

(Oh yeah, and I took advantage of the Lowrez Jam and made it a crossover idea. So, a 64x64 racing game.)"