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Kirby but with costumes.
Submitted by VentKazemaru — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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it definitely feel like a kirby's games but the power up need to be balanced, in kirby game you usually being given many power up but many of them have their own advantage that give more reason to not just stay with one power. after all when you have many power to use you want the player to try and experiment with each and everyone of them. but what happen here is the opposite, the fox power up feel to weak that you might as well just use the starting attack, the bubble feel quite fine but it basically useless right after i got the dragon power up that have more range and can be directed to up and down, the turtle power up is the most broken power up in the entire game, all i have to do is press x and wait until my enemy is death. even the boss doesn't stand a change. and i know after the boss there 2 more enemy with their own power up as well but i don't care since the turtle power up is just too op. my advice is try to make each power feel a little bit unique but still feel balance. maybe instead of charging fire over time make the fox power shot like a normal and drain small energy but you can charge it if you press the button long enough to make a more powerful shot and more energy need to to use it, that way it can be more useful then the standar attack. perhaps make the turtle attack a shield of bubble that spin around the player and when enemy touch it the will be hurt that way it still function like a short range attack but still feel unique than the dragon attack. the dragon power don't need to be change as it doesn't feel overpowered, and please make some kind of limit for how long you can spin using the turtle power maybe make the turtle power reduce some energy after hitting enemy or reduce your energy when being used, anything as long as it limit the spin time is good. i know that my comment feel like a rant at this point but i see a lot of potential in this game and if you keep working on it, i believe that it can be a great game.

also there a bug where the player will clip trough a wall if you use the turtle spin near a wall so i kind of got stuck and have to reset the game.


Fighting enemies felt a little awkward, but I really like the ideas here, and the art was really fun!


i enjoy the game, but it was a little complicated fighthing with enemies


Very nice little game! I enjoyed it a lot! The end was a bit tough, but it was very satisfying when I beat it. Great job!


Feels very gameboyyi. My favourite so far.


Very clever use of power up absorbing for the puzzles! Got softlocked on the boss but I'll try again. It has a high potential for commercial release.

Submitted (1 edit)

Hey StarDragon, I loved your game, there was so much in it to do and explore! The different powers all make a lot of fun and I was surprised to see how many you managed to pack into the game :) Everything works so well, the controls and mechanics are already pretty tight, although you could finetune the ghost mechanic a little bit.
Besides that, great idea to have two basic ways to attack (besides the powers)makes it more fun to switch between tactics.

The music is absolutely lovely, fun, not to much repetition, but "backgroundy" enough to forget it after a while :)

Unfortunately I got stuck in the room with the turtle after I accidentally dropped it's power. Kibu's eyes went grey and he didn't respond to any directional inputs, but could still jump and attack.

PS: Plays great on a controller too!

PPS: Also. Hooray for color palettes!


Very good! I really like the ambient, art and so on! Also very straightforward game! Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


this was just janky enough to be sad that its got that jam jank to it, because i love it 


I loved it!!!
Kirby passed by there! I love platform games with this concept. Have you ever played "a boy and a his blob"? If not, play now! This game with more levels will be a blast! Congratulations!
PS: I don't know if it's a bug on my pc, but I had to play with the enter button pressed because nothing came up. And it was black and white.