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hunt the past

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mine only has 10 rating so far, please try it :

it was pretty good game the music and the art style was nice but it has one huge problem, there no invisibility frame so if there many enemy that come after me it will immeadiatly kill me in a second, so it kind of fell rather unfair and the movement need to be adjusted a bit more, it felt like Thor was skating on ice.

here my game it not that impresive but at least it kind of fun

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it a rather simple game but i hope you like it so far only 7 people has rated my game so i kind of hoping to increase that a little

This game is really fun, while there is some level that seems to not use their gimmick to their fullest. just like the room with one single shuriken in the middle of two platform i honestly don't know why that was there it not giving any chalenge being there. other then that it was great.

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This is the greatest game i ever play.