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hey, sorry this took so long to get around to!

If a document has more than one tag (ie, “writing” and “template”) it’ll appear in the document list for every one of those tags. This is intended function, and the thing I’m asking for is the ability to hide documents with certain tags in displays of other document lists.

For example, if you look at the document list for files with the tag “writing”, and have chosen to hide the “template” tag, documents with just the “writing” tag would appear, but documents with both “writing” and “template” wouldn’t appear, since the “template” tag is marked as hidden.

I’ve been using Deepdwn for a lot of long-form writing for a lot of various projects, and I have template files with tags on them other than “template”. It might be nice to have tools for excluding certain tags like “template” or “spoilers”, or whatever from appearing outside of that tag to avoid unnecessary clutter.

i didn’t use these in a game but i did add them as emojis to my discord server and it’s improved my life a lot. thank you so much

best sales pitch ive ever read

yup! you need to use an older version of love2d though - this was built using 0.10.2.

yup! that's the ending

oh uh oh. where's these crashes happening?

this was just janky enough to be sad that its got that jam jank to it, because i love it 

this owns, actually.

hey autumn it owns

oh, no i haven't, i wasn't aware i could, lol. works a lot better, thanks! 

Can I put in a request for the ability to change the controller deadzone? It's really difficult to do the delicate moves with an unwieldy deadzone. 

thank you so much.


thanks a lot!!! also, there is an ending! the hammer is pretty important, it's a little obtuse to get though. 

Just pushed a fix through now! Thanks for letting me know.

love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it 

Should be fixed now, try the native version! 

Oh sweet, I didn't see you could use "load" for that. Thanks!

I'm trying with version 0.28.1 and it's not recognizing "crawl.tic music" as a parameter for import, 

Is there a way to do this? 

It's fairly easy to share sprites and code, but trying to share music doesn't seem possible. I'd like to work with others on a TIC-80 game but exporting music or sfx doesn't seem possible. 

Here's a quick thing with a tileset made to be 16x16, at 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 for scale.

I'm using 1.1.0, the portable version as packaged here, but the problem also exists in 0.19, 1.0.0, and 2.0.0.

Follow up, I still haven't found the ideal solution, which is pixel-perfect scaling.

Changing the sprite filtering to smooth instead of pixelated stops the distortion, but it's also very blurry looking. With pixel art, this looks like hot garbage, but if you use higher resolution assets, it's fine.

Also, when the sprite's transparency is set to Opaque, it looks really bad, but it's fine with transparency on.

But it looks pretty okay and doesn't have the ugly distortion issue, so... I guess it works?

My conclusion: When it comes to Superpowers, 256x256 is 8 times better than 32x32.

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I'm trying to learn my way through this, and I'm making a decent amount of progress, but there's something that I can't get past.

I try to do pixel art, but when it's in-engine, it always seems distorted.

It comes out looking like this, when I created it to look like this.

I can't figure out how to make it not distort pixel art, and its making creating good looking pixel art difficult.

Is this my mistake, my browser's mistake, or an engine mistake, and if it's the first one, how do I avoid it?