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This game RULEZ

Very nice little game! I enjoyed it a lot! The end was a bit tough, but it was very satisfying when I beat it. Great job!

Fun, but wow are those mushrooms demanding! I guess that's a part of the challenge though, haha. I did notice a typo in the game (such as "Farm as many shrooms as you can in the given"). Also, I couldn't figure out how to start the game until I went searching in the comments, so it might be worth adding that space bar is a part of the controls. Very neat little challenge though, I managed to get up to 9 mushrooms! Very satisfying to see a small little mushroom train following me around! 🍄

This is super cute and charming, I really loved being able to customize a Kamibot! I named mine Juniper and it was very fun to play around with everything the game offered! This is a very unique entry and I enjoyed it a lot, great job! Really feels like something I would have played on a gameboy. :>

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Very nice little game! The graphics and music helped set the mood really nicely, it all came together very nicely. I think the only thing I didn't like was that enemies could fire projectiles at me before I could see them, which I think may have only been difficult because I wasn't used to the parrying in the game yet! But all in all a very nice game, great job all around. :>

Oh huh, I never realized about the mid-fight healing! Thanks for the heads up!

I'd love to see an update with those kinds of changes if you ever get around to it! This game is incredible and has a lot of potential!

Light spoilers mentioned, as a heads up for other players.

I loved the graphics in this game, it definitely felt like something I'd see out of a gameboy game. The palette switches were nice and really helped set the mood. The enemy dialogue you received when entering a battle that could be different each time was a really fun and nice touch. Also the audio was pretty satisfying, and the music was really nice.

I do have a few criticisms though. To start, the game was registering my input even if I was not focused on the window. For example, when focusing on my discord window, "c," "enter," and etc. would register in-game. Also, the dialogue that talked of "weird lookin' men in dresses," I think "men in robes" would have not only been more apt, but would have also immediately given me the vibes of "oh, this is a cult thing," instead of what my initial thought was. And when it comes to the final boss fight, I honestly could not beat it. I probably could have if I spent a lot more time on it, but considering it came right after a different fight that is also somewhat difficult, I was never able to enter it with full health and I just could not get through it.

The fighting mechanic was fun, though I wish there was a way to recover health mid-fight. Almost makes the mushroom in the save house in the hallway feel redundant, as by that point I had nowhere else to use it. The gameplay was interesting though, it was amusing how you saved your progress and recovered health. It was also fun how at the very end there was a save house smashed through the hallway, I thought that was a nice touch.

Very fun all around! A great gameplay mechanic that really makes you plan out your moves, fun puzzles around getting stars, and the graphics and visuals were seriously amazing! 

One thing I will say is that I wish it were possible to heal somewhere within one stage, as I lost two health points right at the beginning, and then later died towards near a door and had to redo all my progress for that small section, despite the fact I lost that several doors ago.

All in all though, very fun game, there's definitely a very nice difficulty curve that teaches you how to accomplish something before it throws more at you. The level design is great, the gameplay is unique and fun, huge props for this gem of a game!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

aw hell yeah

Very nice game! I love the aesthetic, the palette, and the gameplay! The graphics are very very nice, and everything feels very smooth. The only downside that comes to mind is the fact you die in one hit. The levels thankfully are fairly short, so it's not the worst thing ever, but it does raise the difficulty a lot. Overall though, I really enjoyed this game and everything it offered. Great job! I really enjoyed flying, hovering, and wall-grabbing in this game!

Thank you very much! 

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Flippy loves you!!! <3

Hiya, I'm Skyler, I'm a nonbinary lesbian! Currently working on a few things at the moment, but so far my only published work is a small little game I made for a bitsy jam.

Check it out if you like -->

This is really neat! I've recently been on a virtual pet kick, and for a while had a very broken one that sped through it's clock at about an hour every 5 real-life seconds. So as someone who has had a very busted one myself, this was a fun little game!

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much!

You have to collect all the items (there are 7) and then talk to one last worm for just a bit more inspiration! :>

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I love love love the art! Good job!

Aww this is sad... it's unfortunate to see all the corn wither and die with no way to help it. This was a really creative story and perspective though and you did a great job!

Aw this is such a sweet and charming game... Loved it!

Thank you so much!!

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Sorry, since this is an HTML5 game played in the browser I don't think will let me have an option for people to download it, unfortunately. :<

EDIT: If you're using on the browser, you should be able to run it right in the window. If you're using the client, you need to either click the launch/install option or you need to move to playing in a web browser if the option isn't there. 

I guess we'll just have to see, won't we? 🎃

Thank you very much!! I mega appreciate it!

Ohh, the use of the rotation to narrate the story was really clever... Nice job!

Thank you!! 🐛

Ohh this is really neat and charming! I love it!

Thank you much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hahaha thank you! Worm disco 'til the day we die!

Love the colors and the story! A vibrant scene that absolutely radiates the feeling of Fall.