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LGBT+ Creators Thread!

A topic by Autumn Rain created 77 days ago Views: 406 Replies: 10
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Happy Pride Month!!

There are a whole lot of LGBT+ creators here on! And what better way to celebrate Pride Month than by taking a look at at some of their games/content? If you're LGBT+ and have content here on itch, please give a little introduction and some screenshots and a link to your store page so that other people can take a look! 


Hey I'm Autumn! I'm a transgender lesbian and I make weird and witchy games!

I can't wait to see and play everybody's games! (Or whatever you make! :D )


Hi! I'm Ren! I'm a trans bi woman and I make weird sci find content and plugins check me out at:


Howdy, Im FragBait, Bi/ Pan and Non-Binary. I make games, art, and poor lapses in judgement!


Hi, my name is Ofelia and I'm a music composer and also a 24 yrs old mtf from Italy.

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enbie game dev here! check my stuff out! i made a pretty sweet LGBT centric point n click game called 🆔 (yes, the name is an emoji haha)



hi, i'm aurel! i'm nb and gay and i'm working on a game with a majority nb characters!


Hello, I'm Lydia. I make music, some of which is for games. :)


Hiya, I'm Skyler, I'm a nonbinary lesbian! Currently working on a few things at the moment, but so far my only published work is a small little game I made for a bitsy jam.

Check it out if you like -->

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I'm Bob, a gay cis male. I make unapologetically queer story-based games.

I've worked on four different gamejam games: Whale's Waldo for Nanoreno 2018, Xenopathy for Yaoijam 2018, Earth Boys Are Easy for Barajam 2018, and Charles 2.0 for Nanoreno 2019.

 I also have a longer game about coming out (Yearning: A Gay Story) that was released earlier this year.

All of my stuff is free to download.

Trans woman, orientation not determined. Transhumanist anarchist, with some green tendencies.

Experimented with Cyberpunk, although I'd say my work's a close cousin to Cyberpunk these days.

Hi! I'm Alicia, queer-as-fuck trans woman. I've been working on projects in various media (novels, audio drama, plays, etc.) and now dipping my toe into the gamedev sphere. I hang out with the Seattle Queer Indie Developers (SQUID) and show off my latest project, "Tegu".

Here are the games I've already done:

Good luck everybody with your own projects! Be gay do art crime.