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aw, thank you!! ;A; that's really sweet of you to say! <3 i hope i'll be able to make some new updates for you when i can!

aww, thank you, that's very touching to hear! (though wow, time flies)

i'll be happy to post updates once i can work on it consistently again! <3

Aw, thank you! And you as well <3

It's not forgotten, but I haven't had much time to work on it so I'm only getting a tiny bit of progress in every few weeks :(

I still really want to keep going on it more actively at some point and eventually finish it but I wouldn't count on that being any time soon, I have too many things going on IRL to have enough usable free time for dev at the moment.

i see! i could add it as a possible default later (especially for having both at once), but in the meantime you should be able to rebind it from the options menu :D

and you're welcome <3 i'm just touched people are still interested given how little ability i've had to work on the game since 0.1

from what i remember their dialogue just isn't in the 0.1 demo yet (either web or download). there's been more written since but it won't be accessible until the next version, whenever that is.

do you mean arrow keys as in instead of wasd? or as in showing them on the screen like the interact button?

i don't know if it'll include favorites (will have to think about it) but your profile will absolutely get filled up as you play in some of the later versions.

ty for the kind words <3

thank you! i do want to update when i can, but hobby dev is hard

update when my day job doesn't take all of my energy :'(

still slowly working, but unfortunately not very consistently :'( i'm a hobby dev so my time on it has been really limited between my full-time job, home chores, life situation, and health/disability concerns

i'd love to try to put out an update before the end of the year (i have the next one around 3/4th finished) but i don't want to get anyone's hopes up. it's not shelved or anything, and i really want to get back to working on it more actively but i'm still not sure when things will line up in a way that just lets me do more. i'd love to say sometime next year but i thought that about 2022 already :'D

either way though i still read comments, still keep an eye on the discord even if it's quiet, and i had this project simmering for almost 10 years by the point i started coding so i definitely don't want to abandon it any time soon <3

aw, thank you! and sorry i worried you! i've been so busy i didn't realize quite how long it had been since the last official post... it feels like the last release was SO much more recent than it actually was

yeah, you could totally do stuff like that with it! i think for some of those effects it might be easier to use more general post-processing filters, but you could definitely play around with this as well :)

avatars are fine in places where you can give credit (such as on a related profile, etc, so someone seeing it can know where it's from), but i'm not okay with commercial use or use in other projects. thanks for asking!

thank you! i'm planning on adding more short hair options in the creator, if that's what you mean, but for the record all the characters currently in the game including the player character are non-binary.

thank you! there's more hair pieces (bangs, back, etc) planned for the future including some designed to pair with it, they just weren't implemented yet as of the last demo

ah, sorry to hear that! is this on the browser version or one of the downloads? if it's the browser it might be related to you missing one of the webgl/webassembly prerequisites, and downloading might work better. if it's on download then i have no idea but i'll try to look out for it next time i build (whenever that is)

it's listed in the FAQ, but i use godot for this! it's a free engine, and how hard it is to learn/navigate is going to vary wildly based on your previous experience, i'm a programmer by trade so i had a significant head start. i really like using it though, it's an especially nice fit for pixel art in my opinion.

thank you for the kind words! i'm excited to get to work on it more when i can :)

hi! sorry to hear you're having trouble downloading it! is it giving you an error message? :( it shouldn't be money because this is free to download

from what i remember the current demo cuts off slightly before that point, sorry! i'll double-check that everything work for the next version though, whenever that is :)

thank you!! i did, i mostly worked on organization+community stuff (+ some translation), it's been overwhelming seeing so many people have nice things to say about it 💕

thank you! it'll probably take another long while but i hope the wait is worth it! :)

the link's up on the main itch page!

i might reconsider reddit in the future, maybe when there's more of the game out? it's not a huge playerbase rn

thank you!! very excited

apologies! >.< thankfully there shouldn't be a second name change

i'm gonna be honest i haven't considered reddit so far on account of uh, the demographic of the characters in the game (as well as my own) so my experience with the site overall has been pretty bad

i might swap to having a forum for itch instead of just comments though! and there's a discord already for whoever wants that

yeah, the name change was yesterday so search engines haven't finished updating yet D: there'll be a link to sylvan meadows on the wg site soon though!

and yup this is almost all me, though i have two people to help run game design ideas by (one of which does translation outside that and the other does QA)

thank you very much!! i don't reply to all the comments but this one and the others warm my heart <33

excited to get to show more as well!

i might look into it at some point! if i do it'll be an alternate control scheme as opposed to a replacement though, since holding the mouse is generally less accessible than just clicking a destination

i'm glad! and very touched to hear it ' w '

what version are you trying? that sounds like maybe an issue with your browser or gpu drivers :(

thank you! development never really stopped, it just went really slow because i'd barely have a couple hours a week to work on it sometimes :'(

thank you! <3 there's over 5 years of work put into the lore/characters by now (i'm afraid to check the exact count) so i'm glad it's showing through!

thank you! it's going to be a little while longer until i can finish work on 0.1 (very busy life things), but i hope you like it when it's done! o/

thank you! i'm glad to hear that ' w ' i definitely want this to be a feel-good kind of game so i'm happy to hear i'm already hitting the mark!

thank you very much!! i'm glad you think so!

text animations will probably be an option later (it's already on my radar and fairly easy to set up), but most little details like that aren't a priority yet because they're more about finish than functionality, and until i have a more solid prototype ready i'm focusing on functionality more.

other people have reported this issue before, and it seems unique to browser - i think it might be linked to not having the prerequisite version of webassembly or webgl, but i don't have a way to test for sure. all i know is i haven't been able to replicate the error on my side :(

this shouldn't happen on the downloaded version though, so you should most likely be able to run that instead!

thank you!

i'll check out the markings bug, that's the first i've heard of it. as for the typing bug, i wonder if it could be a browser-related thing because it's been mentioned before but i can't seem to replicate it on my end at all.

thank you! currently there isn't, no! and there's a slight glitch with their dialogue i didn't notice before posting the update (it shouldn't repeat this much)

i'm afraid i can't replicate the issue on my side... what are you doing specifically? and which version are you on? (web, windows, osx?)

oh no, sorry to hear that! :( i forgot to write it on this build (fixed now) but i don't have access to a mac to test that version at all, so it's basically just a blind export at the moment. i'll try to see if i can find a friend to help me check on it for the next versions, thanks for the heads-up!

and thank you for the kind words! <3

aww, thank you, that's really sweet of you! i hope i finish it too!