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Thank you! I am thinking I'll release the source at some point, in case people want to try to make similar comic games. :)

Well, I noticed I could still move around when talking to alice. (I think her name was alice? the girl in that room with the painting) And I don't think I hit any other keys when the looping happened. I just walked up to it

Oh, but, I encountered another problem when playing, where, when walking up to the painting in the yellow room near the brown door, the game, for a moment showed "[][][][][" instead of something like "[E]", and then, the audio looped and my computer froze up entirely and I had to shut it down.  

Yes that has fixed it!

Hi! I've been working in Unity for the past 4 years, but I thought I'd finally give Godot a shot in my spare time. So here it is, my first experience in Godot engine!

Voidland Mystery Goodnight

Voidland Mystery Goodnight is a very simple game which I am choosing to call a "Vignette Crawler". There are animated panels that tell a story, and they branch and crawl around, as if it is a maze! You can explore around and discover the story and uncover the mysteries of this voidland! 

Story-wise, it is about a girl in college who begins to have prophetic dreams. However, it is a bit abstract, so many of the events are open to player interpretation. I'm curious to known what players think and feel from it! It has some horror elements, and there is a little bit of body horror, though that is not very graphic as these are simple scribbley doodles.

It's playable in browser and is only about 10 minutes long!

Thanks for taking a look!

hey that means a lot to hear. i think we'd all like that.

Yep, every time. I've taken a video of it. I could only get it to walk once out of the times I mashed the keys around.

It seems like I can move forward sometimes but only when I mash the A and D keys and click too. I'm not sure if this is intended or something

Hi, when I start the game and am in the yellow hallway, it seems like I'm able to rotate the character around with A and D, but holding down or pressing W isn't actually doing anything.

in the typing game they appear when you complete a certain amount of words

you need to collect the time coins with your mouse when they appear

i'd text flatwoods monster back

so cute i love the sprites! a bit tough near the end with the area you can fall down, i think but i am glad you can adjust to add more time.



you don't download this it's web only

aww cute!

This would make collaborations soooo much easier to manage. I'm often afraid to do collaborations with people because having to figure out how/when to pay people after I get paid is so difficult

setting that file's platform to "windows" should fix that!

Shoot, that's a shame. I'm not finding it anywhere else online so I'm not sure if the author intends to keep it public domain like it was. I have a link here though.

very cool and tense demo.. excited to see where this goes next

Ah, thank you for playing. You can change sensitivity by pressing the escape button. Also, you could jump in the first one. There's quite a few secrets and other endings to find if you do.  

Each game has a list of content warnings when you check them in the launcher, so you can check and know what to expect, if it's something scary or not. :]

seasons greasons :)

you WILL die. (billboards know this )

so fast. died to a snail tryign to read what the hampster said. it was homosex

(1 edit)

this was amazing . also i feel you about the controller support and input system stuff. shit's a nightmare

gosh.. thank you so much for playing and enjoying !!! it's so cool to hear peoples thoughts on it ... a lot of the time i don't know what to say in response !! im just very happy people love it so much !! i would definitely love to answer some of these questions or maybe raise more questions in the remake . . . time will tell ! ! i do want to say ..... the cave paintings do have lore implications . . . except for the bacteriophage ... the  rats just think it looks cool (but perhaps does mean they do know science stuff . . . )

this rules

this game is so yummy i smiled

really loved the title screen music. and final boss. cool game recommend. whats up with that readme tho

this is so so good

JOHNNY!!!!! thank u :]

thank you so much!

Heya, I wanna play this more, but my monitor is 16:10 ratio, and a lot of the content ends up stretching off the stream, so, if you could make some settings like, windowed or different set resolution modes in options, that would be really nice!

i've been reading a ton of wild "TOREE 3D" theories online. some claim that the "duck" enemies are failed clones of the beloved and titular "TOREE". care to comment?