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Autumn Rain

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this will be great once LAN parties are possible again

so cute!!! and such good music too

hi the inventory thing is a joke there isn't actually an inventory

they can be solved yeah

ugh. i knew what was coming and yet i had to find out

i can connect now!

epic. i hope this fixes how scared i am of santa 

the irony of playing this on mac


My internet is very slow, it is nearly as bad as dial up. Can I simply not access this then?

I always get "Failed to get level list Error: Timeout" when trying to look at featured levels?

this is so exciting i love you baba

you can jump over it, it takes some finagling though with the left wall. there's a total of 4 ways the game will end

they r fun

yes, there are a total of 4 endings where the game quits

wow! i really didn't expect people to find the secrets on their own and even go as far as to decode messages. so glad you liked it and found everything! 🖤

i'll look into it for the big update 

this is so neat

I love how that nuclear waste warning sign has become a bit of a topic in horror now.

I really love the graphic aesthetic!

Also, when I first realized you could move rocks/interact with things, I really liked that, and how intuitive they were to move. The crosshair changing to indicate what you could examine was a great touch.

It took me a really long time to find the middle wheel for the machine though, I wish there was more of a marking as to where to go.

I really like the story of greed and curiosity, as to what people would do if they were to see the nuclear waste warning signs.


Hi thank you but she/I am a lesbian ∙:)

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hi, no plans for any other endings, as i didn't imagine working on this outside of something very quick for the jam. but i'll write somewhere that there are only the two

yes i am ∙:)

wow was that from the game? i don't even remember writing that. gonna start sprinkling that one into my vocabulary 

😋 so good!

very cute! i love the art and enemy designs, and the unique changes some levels can have with your weapon or ball. also Ode to Pyratite can get it 

yeah there isn't much to that right now. you puncha puncha him until it's over. i may change it in the big update coming up.

A lot of new items to find, ones that actually change gameplay a bit, and more event rooms with minigames and bossfights 

Hey there, I'm so sorry about that. There are no other font options at the moment but it is something I will definitely look into for when I make the update. 

I don't have the equipment for that

There are a few characters you can trade it for some collectable items.

Fellas please don't feed trolls or get into arguments. I don't want my comments section to become a flame war or full of spam. Just let people leave what they want to say and upvote or downvote if you agree/disagree.

A big update is in fact in the works! But this summer is looking to be very busy so it may be a long while until it happens. 

ball pythons are just the cutest! 

If Limbocore worked, it's possible this would work too. But I suggest trying out some other free mac games too first

are you able to run other unity games? and have you tried running it through the itch launcher?

totally go ahead 👍🐀👍