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Nice! Send me an email with your mailing address if you want some stickers :)

Aww congrats!

Post a screenshot of the collectables screen with 333/333 (you can press the "S" key to take a screenshot), and if you want, I'll send you some stickers to celebrate. Just send me your mailing address at bobcgames(at)

Oops, sorry! I missed this (itch didn't notify me about a reply)

For Dan's bad ending, it's easier if you play on normal (rather than easy) mode. Tell Janet at the beginning that you *don't* like threesomes, and generally be clingy and pressure him to be monogamous once you're dating

Campus Map Piece 1 is obtained on October 8; you have to be dating Carlos, you have to have explored campus on August 26, and you have to go running with him in the morning

Golden Pendant is when you are going down James route but he doesn't like you enough to start dating... put the game on normal mode and don't trigger the "special" James scenes (don't explore campus on August 26, don't catch him on IM September 23 when he asks you to go over); you'll get it on October 13

Cross Sticker is obtained October 27 if you're dating Dan and you give him responses that suggest you don't want sex (I guess we could do that, Was thinking more the sex part). You'll watch Bad Education together instead of having sex after dinner

Black Plastic Ring is obtained for breaking up with Dan at the end of the game, so you'll get it once you get the achievement

If you want lyrics onscreen, there's a lyric video here:

The lyrics can be found in the Companion Fics download.

I'll give you the same offer I gave the last person who went for all the collectables: If you get all 333 of them, I'll happily mail you some YAGS stickers to celebrate. Just post a screenshot and email me at bobcgames(at) with a mailing address. :)

I'm glad you're still enjoying the game!

(If you're down to like 5 or so that you're missing, let me know, and I can also offer more explicit hints on how to get them.)

Thank you for your support!


Hi, and thanks for your comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game. (I'm not sure how much of a newbie you are anymore if you've completed all the routes!)

Adam's route is doable in normal mode, but there isn't anything extra you get from normal vs easy mode, so there's not really a reason to redo it.

There's a list of collectables in the behind-the-scenes book, available for a $15 donation. There's tips for some of the harder ones here, but I'd prefer to keep an outright spoiler list of them as a bit of a premium thing, since the game is otherwise free:

The sequel can be preordered now, the demo is free to play, and there's an alpha build you can get access to after preordering, but the game isn't quite finished yet:

You have to beat the game once before the easy mode option unlocks

It can be done in normal mode; it's just really, really hard

And there's nothing additional gained from doing so (you get the same collectables and achievements in both normal and easy mode)

I totally understand the sentiment, since YAGS Chris was very much intended to be a "drop in" character that you could easily see yourself as. It's can definitely be jarring to have to see him as a more defined person now, especially physically.

If I had a bigger budget, I'd do it. It just means changes not only to the sprite, but also the CGs, which are significant, so I can't make it happen at this point in time.

If you changed Chris' name in YAGS, you can carry over the name to ZAGS as long as you're playing on the same computer (PC, Mac, or Linux) as you played YAGS. That should already be working in the demo, as well.

Adam dreams don't mean very much in the game, unfortunately

If you're having trouble with the secret route, send me an email at bobcgames(at) and I'll send you the (probably slightly outdated) guide I have for myself

There should be step-by-step instructions with each video, either in the video itself (at the end), or in a pinned comment under the video. They should also all be fairly accurate? There were some small changes to the game after her videos were filmed, so there may be some extra steps now that aren't in her walkthroughs, but nothing in them should be *wrong*

Is there a particular route you're missing? I have some old text walkthroughs for James and the secret route I made for myself for testing, but they too are probably slightly inaccurate at this point. (But I'm happy to share either of those given YAGS is pretty old at this point.)

This is a true sequel; the prologue of the  game (which will be the same in the full game as in the demo) sets the "canonical" path through YAGS (since YAGS can branch so much) for the events in ZAGS

Of course, the main character is different... the YAGS MC is Chris (Adam's roommate) while the ZAGS MC is Carlos (Adam's BFF), so there are some perspective differences there

The game was completed for Barajam 2020 and is still downloadable and browser playable

We're still hoping to add some more art at some point, but there are no timelines on that

Yes; it's a project that's only visible if you own it, because I don't want it to be purchasable normally

It should be addable normally to bundles (and purchasable through them) since I've done that three times in the past

Thanks! I'll add that to the uncensoring instructions

The only NSFW scene is at the beginning. There are no sex scenes.

It's primarily a puzzle game :)

Demi-homosexual is also a really good one

All CGs in the CG gallery in the demo are unlockable. Dan's CG requires you to hook up with him... if you talk to him as early as possible over instant messenger, you'll eventually be able to hook up.

(Note that it is not the case that all CGs are unlockable in the alpha build. Several are placeholders there, since it's an alpha build.)

I should slow down (or stop) the spinning in easy mode :)

Next update

There is no Carlos x Chris x Adam 3-way, unfortunately.

The only theesomes in the game are with Dan and Nate, or the ending to Nate and Jake's route.

The spinning can't be matched; the small circles always spin counterclockwise and the large circles always spin clockwise.

You need to match the shapes. If the circles weren't spinning, find the miniature version of the larger circle, and drag it into the larger circle.

I didn't say no Carlos x Adam CG >_>

Adam is not a romantic route. But there is a storyline involving Adam in the game.

There are no bugs as far as I'm aware... not every space is meaningful for the solution, so you can freely change spaces that are not impacted by symbols.

Does a tutorial like this help with the initial UI hurdle?

Honestly, the figuring out the interfaces (and what you're supposed to do) is also supposed to be part of the puzzles, because you were just thrown into an alien spaceship for a species you'd never met before... but I want easy mode to provide whatever help people feel is necessary to complete the game.

(However, completing non-door puzzles is not necessary to complete the game, so I'm less inclined to provide tons of in-game help on those.)

Thanks; that's useful feedback.

Would it help if the first door puzzle gave some more explicit tutorial, complete with pictures?

Something like "It looks like I can click circles to change their colors, and clicking the big blue button here <show arrow> attempts to submit the puzzle. This bottom section <arrow> looks like a button that might appear once I have it correct. It looks like the background color tells me what color a space needs to be.

That should hopefully carry through pretty well to the other door puzzles, and hopefully the non-door puzzle interfaces are straightforward (even if the method for solving them isn't).

Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm sorry you're finding them frustrating.

Are you having trouble with the interfaces (i.e. figuring out how to submit or manipulate a puzzle) or with actually solving the puzzles themselves?

The puzzles all involve a bit of trial and error -- figuring out how they work was intentionally part of the puzzle design. But I'm not against adding more explicit hints or some sort of in-game guide for easy mode.

Si, es posible

On mac, you have to extract the disc image and put the game into your Applications folder. You should then be able to "Show Package Contents" and navigate down into the game folder

1) I think early on he was trying to be straight, and so was trying to put himself in the moment. Later, if he starts to crush on Chris, there's probably some of that. He hasn't slipped up, but it's been harder for him to keep having the kind of sex he really isn't enjoying

2) No. Nate and Robert aren't related. (There's a companion fic talking about Robert's brother that you can read.)

(2 edits)

Adam generally identifies as straight. If he develops feelings for you, he'd say "straight, but with an exception for Chris".

He's something like a 1 or 2 on the Kinsey scale.

If you pressured him on it, he'd probably say bisexual, but wouldn't be comfortable with the label. "Sapiosexual" would probably be a better label, with Carlos' coming out helping him realize that the admiration he has for Chris might be more than just admiration.

Thanks for the feedback

Nate alone is not possible; you can only date them as a pair (or get them to break up)

Happiness is supposed to be a bit restrictive, but if it feels oppressive, I can increase the amount of happiness gained from some planner activities

The current routes are Malik, Chris, and Nate/Jake (as a pair). There's a fourth secret route technically in the game but that may not be obtainable yet.

In general, if you want to help test right now (thank you!), it'd mostly be useful to find obvious errors (sprites missing faces, missing clothing, actual game crashes and errors, typos in text).

The actual obtainability of things (and how routes and actions link together) may be changing as new scenes and routes are added, so I'm not concerned about them at this point in time... that's really what the beta will be for testing. (For example, if you can't obtain the end-game bonus for maxing out James' friendship currently, that's fine, because more scenes in the future may let you do so.)

There will be a Dan route but it is not in the alpha build

James will not be a route in ZAGS, but you'll have plenty of chances to interact with him.

(As a friend.)

Nope. There are four full routes (Jake, James, Carlos, and Dan) and one secret route (Adam). No one else is dateable.

Thank you for your thoughts!

You'll be able to help Carlos grow gradually more comfortable with his sexuality as ZAGS progresses.

You're right that Malik (and Nate and Jake) wouldn't be "natural" first choices for Carlos to date, but I think part of what makes dating interesting is growing close to (and then falling for) the most unexpected people.  I think Carlos actually really admires Malik's (and Dan's, and James') openness, even if he himself isn't quite there yet.

The alpha is going to be ready for March, but it'll be missing a lot of content. The final release of the game is still on track for late this year.