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Unfortunately I don't think any of the visuals (sprites, backgrounds, CGs) have alt text, nor do the selectable controls (like text auto-forward or skip) change their text based on status.

This game has text to speech support by hitting the "v" key during gameplay. It is fully playable with the keyboard (arrow keys, space bar or enter, escape) and should work with a controller, although I haven't tested that part.

This game has text to speech support by hitting the "v" key during gameplay. It is fully playable with the keyboard (arrow keys, space bar or enter, escape) and should work with a controller, although I haven't tested that part.

It is not available in the Google Play version

There's a limited selection of tracks as background music that's freely selectable, but it isn't part of the mood setting in the same way it is for YAGS and ZAGS (you can check out the free demo to see what selections are available... it's the same in the full game)

If you like the music, you can download the albums by donating $10 for YAGS (or purchasing the Steam YAGS bonuses bundle) and by purchasing the ZAGS soundtrack directly on Steam

The themes are also available for listening on Spotify

Thanks for your continued support!

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Oh wow... thank you so much for your comments! You have no idea how much this means

There is indeed swag! (If you're interested in any of the ZAGS stuff, send me an email at bobcgames@gmail since the game isn't for sale on itch anymore)

Also if you haven't played the sequel (ZAGS) yet, let me know, and I can send you a key for the game :)
(ZAGS has CGs for it more sexy moments)

Here's a list of all the YAGS-related games:

The written walkthrough I believe is a guide for 100% game completion, so it has you saving and loading in a few places to get the other options

Chloe's video should have written steps at the end

Chloe Spencer has route-specific walkthroughs from the beginning on her YouTube channel. Here's Jake:

There are five CGs in the game, one for each route, at the end if you achieve the good ending for that route.

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There are mentions of Chris, James, Jake,  Nate, and Dan, and there are a couple fics dealing with Elliot, but they are definitely not the focus of the stories here (which really center around Adam, Carlos, and Nick)

If you're more interested in the other characters, you might want to check out the ZAGS companion fics rather than AAGS:

I'll also note you can read the majority of AAGS for free here:

(The game just adds backgrounds, sprites, CGs, and a couple new chapters)

Aha, thank you!

I'm making an uncensored version of the artbook

Send me an email at bobcgames(at) from the email address you used to make the purchase and I'll send the uncensored version to you :)

(For anyone else reading this topic, the uncensored artbook, along with the game, will be available via Ruisselait's patreon)

There is no uncensored version of the art book, but an uncensored version of the game is available via Ruisselait's patreon

Oh, wow... like a *crash* crash

Thanks, I'll take a look...

Thank you... do you have a stacktrace or anything from the error?

It's available for a $3 donation on this page, or free if you're one of ruisselait's patrons (through his patreon) alongside the uncensored version of the game

If we do, I'm sure there will be news on his Patreon and/or my Mastodon :)

(Thank you for the support!)

The last CG is Kyle bottoming, and you have to get the best ending to unlock that CG

Spend a lot of time with Kyle, don't bother him when he's watching TV, and give "nice" answers to his questions

On day 8, before lunch, talk to him and he'll mention a protein shake

No sequel is planned at this time

I'm not sure how to provide more tips without outright spoiling the route, and there's already a route spoiler available in the game walkthrough PDF

Are you hanging out with Kyle at every opportunity? Talk to him in the mornings before you leave and ask him if he wants to join you (even if he declines), examine all the objects you can, on day two you should hit the beach before groceries (and examine the grill before heading to the beach), and go swimming on the first day he goes to the beach with you, and don't bother him when he's engrossed in TV (especially the first evening)

The uncensored version is available on Ruisselait's Patreon!

There is no patch, but an uncensored version of the game is available through Ruisselait's Patreon

The first CG (Kyle bottoming) is unlocked by getting very close to Kyle over the week

Make sure you hang out with him at every opportunity, give nice/polite answers, and leave him alone when he's distracted

There are four clothing options (t-shirt, tank top, speedo, naked) and you'll unlock them once you see them during gameplay

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Dating is the same as the ending where you top him, except there are a few other things that matter on day 8, like making sure you take the keys, spend the morning with him, and make him a protein shake.

There should be auto-voicing, if you hit the "v" key once the game is started. It should read all of the text to you. You can use the arrow keys to navigate and space bar (or enter) to confirm, and it will also read the item(s) you have selected.

You have to be very friendly to Kyle... hang out with him a lot, give the "nice" answers, don't bother him when he's distracted

There's six endings total, three of which are "good" endings (involving sex): You and Kyle start dating, you top Kyle, Kyle tops you

Which one(s) are you asking for advice on?

There is not an Elliot route

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me to hear.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Fun fact: When I was first putting thoughts down for ZAGS, James was supposed to be a route (he and Carlos would bond over running lines for a play about pirates or something)

But I think it would be too much of a stretch, and James and Carlos have different personalities that would clash, given how particular James is, so I abandoned that idea pretty early

Thanks for checking it out!

I always appreciate comments, even negative ones, as long as they're well thought through, and this one is no exception, so please don't apologize!

The animated sprites were because the artist I was working with wanted to try out Live 2D, so it's not actually harder to code and was a fun experiment, especially since this game was done for a gamejam and those are good times to try new things.

Amusingly, I feel like the "best" ending in this game is one of the easier ones to get across my games, but I totally understand if people have trouble with it. That's why I typically add difficulty settings to my games, but again, this was a gamejam game so I didn't bother.

This game is supposed to be darker and end less well than my other games, and it's totally fair if that's not for you :)

Thank you as always for your thoughts and for trying the game!

Oh :( I don't think having a key will let you download the game either, in that case

You should be able to "Add a Non-Steam Game" into your Steam launcher and run the itchio version of YAGS from Steam, if that's what you want