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Thank you, and I'm glad you like the game!

You can follow ZAGS progress on my Twitter, although there hasn't been too much progress recently.

It's currently expected to have more explicit sex and CGs, but that's also somewhat TBD.

ZAGS is the sequel (Zen: A Gay Sequel) and it is currently under development.

I tweet about it sometimes, but haven't had time to do much with it lately.

So gay ;)

You can't, unfortunately. Just naked.

In addition to the active choices you make, your character's personality affects the "choices" made during the week interludes. (You'll notice stuff like "You kiss him in public" versus "You resist the urge to kiss him" depending on the MC's stats.)

You should make more "shy" choices at the beginning of the game, particularly when meeting new people, and that'll help you better handle these points.

Other that that, coming out to him early (either randomly meeting him outside Q&A or messaging him at the right time) will also help.

Chloe Spencer has done a "Yearning for the boy" series on YouTube that includes walkthroughs of four of the five routes. (The fifth, I believe, is in progress.) There are also tips in various devlogs and the behind-the-scenes book if you'd prefer to avoid outright spoilers.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, though!

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You need to get Dan to "ask you out" after the Elliot situation, and then basically sabotage the relationship. It helps if you haven't done sketchy things earlier in the game (like snooping on Adam's computer).

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, though!

It's possible but not the way they're doing it... you can't take him to Q&A, and you have *very* little leeway in terms of your interactions with him and Carlos.

You probably just need to spend more time with him. Make sure you successfully visit Q&A at the first possible opportunity (September 9).

In addition, note that Dan likes it when you do sketchy things, so making some more... interesting decisions early on (like snooping on Adam's computer) will help establish your personality as someone that's willing to take more risks.

Nope. The game only has CGs for its good endings, for cost reasons.

I don't think I'm looking at adding anything more to YAGS, but ZAGS is currently planned to have CGs. (Haven't decided yet on exactly how to fund them, but it'll probably just be preorders as opposed to a Kickstarter.)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The sequel (Zen: A Gay Sequel, or ZAGS) is under development now, but has no expected completion date at this time.

I tend to agree about the art... the sprites took a bit longer than expected, and the breaks between them made some of their eye sizes mismatch. But the guys are intended to have more "normal" looking eyes, as opposed to more cartoony eyes, so maybe we tended to much in the other direction.

1) In playthroughs where you don't go to the frat house as much, and therefore don't interact with Elliot as much, you'll get that scene to help establish that Carlos and Elliot are good friends (and that there's maybe a hope of something more, on Carlos' part). It's intended to make the eventual Elliot scene and Carlos' confession seem less abrupt.

2) Nope. Jake is more willing to deal with Nate being Nate because he feels he made a stupid spur-of-the-moment decision and doesn't want to break up without giving things at least a chance. If he agrees to date you, it's more because you've grown close as friends and have gotten there more organically. (There's some more background about him and Nate in one of the companion fics.)

3) I think that's it. ZAGS will have more.

Thanks for the comments and thoughts!

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Does the version of the game change from -c to -u? Does the nudity setting in Preferences get unlocked?

I've made two new Android builds (one 32-bit and one 64-bit) with the newest version of RenPy. Hopefully the game will work for everyone properly, now!

Android and PC I believe cannot be transferred between each other, but you can move save files between computers.

You're in luck, because Chloe Spencer made a walkthrough video with her friend Robin.

Thank you for trying the game and for your comments, and I'm sorry it wasn't up to your expectations.

For future reference, there's a setting in preferences that allows you to disable sex scenes, as also noted on this game page under the warning about explicit gay sexual content.

1) Nate, Elliot, and Nikhil have accessory pieces and nude options that unlock when you get the good endings for all four standard routes, but no bonus scenes, as they do not have routes

2) Nikhil is shirtless in a scene and can be naked in his profile if you unlock the option (as per 1 above)

3) Nikhil is straight. Robert is also straight. They will not be routes.

4) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You might like Chloe Spencer's new video...

Yes, that's totally fine, and thank you for your donation!

Please send an email to from the email address you used to donate (or, if that isn't possible, indicating the email you used as well as the date of the donation). 

Include a mailing address in the email, and I can get your stickers out ASAP.

That's the loading screen. The game unfortunately doesn't work on all android devices, but if it doesn't progress beyond that screen, it may not work with your device. I don't think there's much I can do about it other than try creating a new game build when the new version of Ren'Py is released. So check back in a couple weeks.

Thank you for the nice words though, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

If you're trying to get Adam, you *don't* want Carlos to freak out.

If you haven't talked to James prior to that point, you're forced to go visit him. So if you want to spend time with Carlos, make sure you visit Q&A and then talk to James before that.

Freakouts happen if you are left alone with him and you two have grown close enough by that time.

If you're not getting a freakout, then you haven't been spending enough time with him.

(Note that, to date him, you only need to hit one of the four)

Who you bring to Q&A has no impact on Carlos

Nikhil is not a possible route in the game.

Jake is shy about intimacy, so there's only sex scenes in his epilogue if you manage to get his good ending.

"Parting Ways" means you've gotten the bad ending for the given route.

Easy Mode will unlock after you've completed the game once. Check the Preferences screen after one complete playthrough.

The first playthrough is likely to end with you being alone. If you turn on easy mode and pursue one of the four guys more seriously, you'll likely have better luck in subsequent plays.

But the point of the game isn't dating someone as much as developing your friendships and growing more comfortable with your sexuality, so hopefully you found it enjoyable anyway.

It makes it easier to start dating guys, and also to successfully date them and achieve their "Good endings".

There's no noticeable change to gameplay itself. It just means you have more room for error while you're pursuing a specific guy.

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I'm Bob, a gay cis male. I make unapologetically queer story-based games.

I've worked on four different gamejam games: Whale's Waldo for Nanoreno 2018, Xenopathy for Yaoijam 2018, Earth Boys Are Easy for Barajam 2018, and Charles 2.0 for Nanoreno 2019.

 I also have a longer game about coming out (Yearning: A Gay Story) that was released earlier this year.

All of my stuff is free to download.

What are you looking for more of?

There isn't a EBAE sequel currently planned, but both PoorlyFormed and myself have other games we've worked on.

Chloe Spencer (cspotrun_chloe on Twitter) has started a video walkthrough series, in case anyone finds that useful. The first one is here:

I think she might be doing James next?

Not possible. He's not gay.

There's a companion fic that provides some more background for him, though.

There are four normal routes (Jake, Carlos, James, Dan). Adam is a secret fifth route. No other guys are dateable, although Elliot and Nate and sex-able (mostly via Dan's route).

All threesomes involve Dan in some form, but you can turn them down unless you're on his route.

That probably means you haven't gotten the "good" ending with Jake, then?

Jake is extra shy, so while he's easy to start dating, he's difficult to successfully date.

Try picking choices early on that also establish yourself as shy (like not greeting people as enthusiastically when you first meet them), and be more generally understanding and patient with him while actually dating him.

(Once you achieve a "good" ending on a route, you'll unlock the full set of features in that guy's profile.)

Spend as much time as possible with Carlos except for those four scenes. If you're playing in easy mode, you can actually skip them completely. (You can also go to the movies with him and Adam, and ask for nachos, which will cause Carlos to leave with Adam to get food.)

So it shouldn't matter that you can't go running with Carlos.

Oh, are you asking how to get those *in the game*? Because it sounds like you already have them unlocked.

Those are bonus "CGs" that don't actually show up in the game itself.

The first four are placeholder backgrounds that I drew to use during development, that unlock when you complete the game once, and the last one is a random thing PoorlyFormed drew that unlocks once you complete the two normal endings.

Which CGs are you missing?

I'm hoping to participate in BJ again, if time permits. If you like my writing, you can check out Charles 2.0 (my nanoreno 2019 game) or YAGS, and if you liked the art, you can check out PoorlyFormed's current project Shadowburg.

If Carlos freaks out, it puts you on the path where he'll ask you out, which will prevent you from being able to achieve Adam's route (even if you turn Carlos down).

So you need to get close to Carlos (so he'll come out to you), but don't let him freak out about liking you (which would cause him to ask you out). He'll then come out to you, instead.

You *don't* want Carlos to freak out, so not going running is what you want anyway.

Going to Q&A whenever as fine as long as you take Jake.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the game.