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I was very confused starting off, didn't know what I was doing or what things meant onscreen. I also don't know if there was a web-exclusive bug when taking damage, because all I saw was a black screen. I think saw the potential of what you were getting at, though, and I think with a little more polish and some audio it'll be a world of a difference! Keep at it! :D

Exploring and learning about the world was fun, but the map was a little too big, so it was usually hard to find my way anywhere. Having a map and clear objectives could help this game a lot, and adding more to find and collect can make the exploration shine.

Fighting enemies felt a little awkward, but I really like the ideas here, and the art was really fun!

Lots of fun to explore, and the weapon upgrades were great! I only wish dying wasn't so punishing, replaying the level can feel a little slow. Scanlines aren't very gameboy, and push the number of onscreen colors above 4. Regardless, we had a lot of fun!

Really clever use of the GameBoy, and I loved stacking up the enemies! Would definitely benefit from more levels.

Some concepts and designs could get a little confusing, but the platforming was pretty fun. Very solid overall!

This game could be a full price Gameboy game from back in the 90s, and it would be one of the better ones! There's way too much polish for a week long jam, very impressed!