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Thank you so much! I just uploaded the .gb file :)

I loved the game baby! Although the last boss was super easy because you get the triple power up right before it and then you just have to hold down the A button. But the music is outstanding and really fits the genre :D

Man, what an entry! Played two rounds together and had a lot of fun! Listened to the Advance Wars and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin soundtracks while playing and it fit perfectly!

The only thing we noticed was, that the winning team is switched, so unfortunately according to the game you lose when you beat the other team :D

Great space invaders clone and really challenging!

I do think so :) We've made seven different ones and there's one really good joke among them.

Thank you! Yeah we didn't manage to put in a restart mechanic that begins the game again when you die, but we definitely will in a future version :)

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :) to be honest I haven't thought of it that way before, but now that you mention it, we really were trying to match premise and gameplay.
Just curious, did you find it easy to play the first time, did you see any of the "Death Screens" at all?

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Hey StarDragon, I loved your game, there was so much in it to do and explore! The different powers all make a lot of fun and I was surprised to see how many you managed to pack into the game :) Everything works so well, the controls and mechanics are already pretty tight, although you could finetune the ghost mechanic a little bit.
Besides that, great idea to have two basic ways to attack (besides the powers)makes it more fun to switch between tactics.

The music is absolutely lovely, fun, not to much repetition, but "backgroundy" enough to forget it after a while :)

Unfortunately I got stuck in the room with the turtle after I accidentally dropped it's power. Kibu's eyes went grey and he didn't respond to any directional inputs, but could still jump and attack.

PS: Plays great on a controller too!

PPS: Also. Hooray for color palettes!

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Really liked the designs, the main character is so cute :D

PS: There's a bug on the level with the first button. If you go left to to the swinging plattform and land to it's right side, you get stuck and can only commit suicide from there :( I had to kill that bunny so many times

Hey LateGames I really liked the character designs, but it was hard to orientate while riding around. A bit more landmarks on the  world map and maybe a a bigger view of your surroundings could help :)

Listened to the Journey Soundtrack while playing!

Really well designed and fun to play, one of my favourites so far! 

Great style! After a couple of rounds I managed to get 9 mushrooms. Just a few things: with 9 mushrooms following you around the already stressful gameplay becomes a bit more stressful because it gets harder to read what the mushrooms need just because the screen is so cluttered. Also what I would love to see is a water and food station at more than one position in the game, it would be cool if you had more than one point to choose from, now I just waited next to the field that was closest to the food and water supply which is the easiest but not the most fun way to play your game.

Nice game but it felt a bit unfair to start at the very beginning every time. Checkpoints would have been nice and would have given the game a better flow.

I absolutely loved it! Both the western take on the mecha and kaiju genre and the western Game Boy music :D The rhythm mechanic was super neat and very well executed! More adventures of the R.O.D.E.O. Rangers please :D

Haha, then I'm glad we included him :D And thanks, our programmer surely feels flattered! He actually went through the code a couple of times just to clean it up, so no worries. What works works, especially in a game jam :)

Really liked it! The main mechanic is super neat :D The only thing I don't really get is the CRT effect, but otherwise it's pretty cool.