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Spatial ImpactView game page

Classic Gameboy shoot 'em up
Submitted by Deleted (Go to LibraBits) — 17 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline

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Impressive amount of work ! Very cool game !

Nice graphics too.

But that music juste stole the show for me ^^ !

Little tip : You should try and render your game in a 160x144 RenderTexture to get a truly authentic game boy screen look to your game.


I loved the game baby! Although the last boss was super easy because you get the triple power up right before it and then you just have to hold down the A button. But the music is outstanding and really fits the genre :D


Thank you! :)
Yeah, actually we wanted to have the game 4 stages, but time was running out (I had some days not being able to work on the game) and we had to leave this as the final boss. 


Lovely ! There's a slight issue with the collisions where it's a bit hard to tell what's going to hit you, and at the end of the first boss where you would need to have positioned yourself without a wall in your path so the ship could leave the screen and not get thrown in a loop. But other than that it's a nice 3 stage shooter, the sprites are very well done and the music is fantastic !


Give me more B weapon ! Haha., just finished the game. Awesome. I actually like the  "oversized sprite art" , it reminded me of Metroid II!. The game felt like a spin off of a bigger Snes game imo. In a good way :). Give this game more time in the oven, make the collision box for the ship smaller (A little bit more forgivable in other words) and this game is ready to go. Good programming, good pumpy music, and nice sprite art, big ups from me to the both of you.


Nice little game!  I liked the enemy designs especially.


Thank you!

Boberatu will be happy to hear that! :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

I'm glad it's not exactly like R-Type where I die every 5 seconds, or I use to ahahah. It's a really nice entry for the this jam. I don't know if recognize the following games: Summer Carnival 92 Recca and Gun-Nac. Both are NES games. I really advice you to play them, because for the limitations of the NES, they were very well made, Bullet Hell shmups. Although your game is small, just like mine (It's also a shmup, but more like Space Invaders), it was very enjoyable! Well Done! 

PS: If you have the time try my entry. Cheers!


Thank you! Glad you liked it! :)

I'm actually not really into shmups but developing this game was a fun experience, maybe I'll try the games you mentioned when I have some time!
But I'll definitely try yours!


Really fun game! The boss design is on point and it's a nice throwback to classic shmups


Thank you! :)


It's really good, the music's amazing, the art is great and the game feels good but I have a few suggestions. 1. I kept taking damage by slightly touching the blocks, maybe you can't move through them? 2. I got to stage 3 when I died and then I had to play the entire game again. I would recommend restarting from the start of the stage but you get a worse score/medal at the end of the game. Other than that it is amazing!


Thank you very much for the feedback!

We'll want to polish the game in the future and take your input into account!