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Hi, unfortunately this is Windows only for now. 

Seems like the .NET framework is missing, is there a way you can install it with wine? 

Do you know how to make a Mac build with Monogame Xna? I would happily accept your help.

Hey there!

Thank you very much, glad you like the game so far! :-)

I'm fine with posting bug reports here or at my twitter page:

That's a great help to improve the game and fixing bugs, so thank you very much!

Here's a quick response to the things you've found so far:

- the sword attack through walls was actually intended, although it seems a bit OP and unrealistic. I might change that in the future.

- the water you encountered is shallow water (deep water does not exist in the version you played). It is intended that the player can pass through normally. The only thing that I want to do here is a sound effect when moving through and a small visual indicator (slight waves around the player's feet). 

Again, thank you very much and stay tuned for the updated version which will be uploaded today!

Hello, please contact me via email:

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

I'm going to update the game every few weeks, there will be more enemies, more different biomes and improved proc gen. As you stated, it's very early, but since the interest on social media was growing I wanted to have the people have a playable build already after 7 weeks.  So, stay tuned :)

Thank you for the kind words and the review! 

Thank you very much for the feedback! Really appreciate it!

I'm currently thinking about making the game a bit easier, for example put more checkpoints to the levels or re-designing some areas (the occluding clouds...)

Very happy you enjoy the game so far! :)

Hey, I'm interested in buying the pack. But I wanted to listen to the tracks first. When I download the demo, only a txt file is downloaded. Is there a way to listen to the tracks or parts of them in advance?

Thank you for the feedback!

Good idea, will do that!


Thank you very much for your feedback! :))

There is an item which completely restores your health:

You can buy an E-Tank in the shop for 40 bolts. In full version you can find them in some stages.

Maybe I'll let the player start with one of them.


First of all, the game is really neat and fun! :) Well done!

Can't wait for the full version. I want to play the hidden levels, hehe ^^

I found 2 small bugs, I think it's OK to mention them:

- the 'level complete' fanfare plays multiple times, every time you hit the collider of the flagpole

- in the ice level was a one up (heart) that I could not collect

Keep up the good work! :)


Thank you very much! :)

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to add more stuff like traps and more spells etc..

Need to make a note on that inventory access in the game description.

Hey, thank you very much!

You're absolutely right about all the points you mentioned.

I was running out of time, so  the game and especially the fights can be very unbalanced.

While I test played the final build I noticed that as well, resulting in either very easy or very long fights,

I wanted to add more stuff like traps etc.. but yeah, the time was over and I hadn't had all the 10 days because of other work to do :D

I will add a note to the inventory and level up in the game description.

Thanks again :)