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Hi! Thank you for this little story, that is indeed hilarious :D This is what drives me as a gamedev, to see people play and experience stuff like this.

That being said, I plan to expand the game further in the future. It was done (the way it is now) pretty fast and I wasn't sure people would like it.

So, I plan on adding better map generation, more enemies, bosses, items, spells and some side quests (with optional dungeons).

Have a good day,


Thank you very much for playing and streaming the game! I'm glad you liked it!

That's very impressive, I think my PB was around 12 minutes. 


Thank you very much for the feedback! Glad you like it so far!

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, the full version is delayed but I aim to finish the remaining 20% of the current game (not the demo) this year. 

Haha, yeah it is indeed :D

If I ever work on it again, I will make the current last levels easier. Thank you! :)

it's fine! :)

There may be bugs with the generation but I didn't see any until now. Please let me know whenever you find any.

Thank you for the feedback!

There's one room on the map leading South where you haven't been by the looks of it. 


What do you mean by dmg?

Hello Mr.R ! :-)

Thank you very much for the feedback!

That's indeed a very strange bug. 

I will look into it and try to fix it.

I hope you are doing well! 

awesome, thank you for the feedback.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Some tipps for weapons:

- Daggers get stronger the higher your luck value is

- Rods get more powerful the higher your Magic power is. They also can be charged by holding the attack button, to release a spell (limited use, see the nr in the menu on the icon)

Thank you! :)

Thank you very much! <3

Thank you! :)

thank you very much, again :)

Thank you! :)

Oh, there was the comment! I'm sorry I missed it somehow. Replied to your YT comment.

Awesome! Best of luck with that! :)

There are some secret mechanics I wanted to share with you:

- Luck increases the chance of rare loot, also the chance of an enemy chest drop in general

- Daggers are special weapons. Their damage will increase the higher your luck value is

- (Most) Magic Rods can be charged by holding the weapon button

- Elemental Magic Rods increase the attack power of spells of their elemantal. (Fire Rod -> Fire, Aero Rod -> Wind etc...)

- The higher your Spirit value, the higher is the healing power of cure and the attack power of Light and Dark magic.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

First off, I want to mention, although the game fully playable / completable, I'm not yet finished with adding content and improving things. I mainly wanted to gather feedback with this build. 

As you mentioned, I will work towards making the game more lively, more buildings and different locations will be added in the future. I intend to make optional mini dungeons with puzzles like in Zelda games, also making the overworld more restrictive. For example, you need an item to unlock a certain area on the map and so on.

I too noticed you can stun lock enemies and some weapons hit twice, but I kept it for now. Will think about making enemies more dangerous.

To be honest, I didn't test all spells on every boss, so yeah, some might be OP. Also keeping that in mind.

Hope you will enjoy the game when I released new content updates!

I absolutely agree with you.

Planning to release some games that can be played on actual hardware!

Awesome! Thank you for playing!

I'll crank up the world generation in future updates. Wanted to keep it simple, but it's too simple most of the time.

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Uploaded a new version that fixes some bugs:

- Earthquake shake screen transition misaligned view

- Water texture seems to glitch out on some systems

- Fullscreen seems to not work properly on some systems

alright! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, the generation is very basic by intention. I thought it would be in the interest of the player to open the world completely. If demanded by more players, I will add logic to the overworld, so that you can't go everywhere from the start like in some Zelda games. 

There are some more bugs that will also be fixed in the next update.

are you on a Windows System?

thank you! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

very nice, thank you for playing!

Thank you! :)

won't take long anymore! 

thank you very much! :)

I built a custom engine based on the Monogame framework, coded in C#.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it so far! :)

I have never played Terraria, the winged boots are actually a reference to the 'hover boots' of Ocarina of Time. 

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Please check out Episode 5 of Stingray's playthrough of the demo. I had so much fun watching, thank you for playing!

Episode 4 of Stingray's Arken demo playthrough. Please check it out:

PS: Leave a like & follow, he's doing a great job!

Episode 3 of Stingray's LP! Found a bug and beat the 2nd Dungeon!

Check it out:

Episode 2 of Stingray's LP!  Very fun to watch and he made some good points for improving some things! Check it out!

Episode 1 of Stingray's LP. Take a look:

thank you, glad you like it!