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All is good! :) A game can not be a fit for everyone, but still all feedback is important to listen too. Also,  i have only had about a total of 1 ½ weeks  devtime on Zentaisen due to the competition and other stuff in life.

When you add new features and try them out, something else can feel less good and so on! Leveling up right now only raises the Max HP, and with money you can buy Weapon powerups such as bullet power, ship speed, extra lifes, bullet spread etc.  The first version just threw you all the upgrades directly and i thought that everything just felt "too easy" almost.

But still, it needs to be balanced to not make it feel boring or lengthy in a bad way.  

Thanks  :)

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I should post this here instead :) 

In my opinion, there should not be that much text just to explain how your game works, i think that is bad design. The game should explain itself in gameplay, or give a explanation once as the game starts, and when a new thing occurs. I liked the  gameplay in general but i dont like that you need to watch to the right and left back and forth all the time, maybe it is just me i dont know, It started to hurt my eyes abit and was a little confusing at times. In the start menu you should have the text START GAME or something, not TASK. Not that fond of the music, it sounded very generic. I could not switch to full screen, do you have that option anywhere? This game could be better with some more time into it! :)

Edit: i just saw that F4 was fullscreen, so dont mind that :)

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Ok thanks, too bad you found it boring :/  the cubes are a placeholder sprite, since the game is still i development. The enemy sprites may change when more time is put into the game. The trail after the ship comes when you gain more speed upgrades. The point is to gain more experience and level up, as well as get money to be able to buy more upgrades. You should be able to clear the first stage without upgrades. If you dont make it in the first turn, the thought is that you should make it the second turn, i will have to adjust and balance things still though, that i am very aware of. And also the fullscreen yes, i had to disable it for now since i had a huge bug with it ! :) But anyways, thanks for playing and i will think about the critique.

Oh thank so much!! There is so much stuff in the graphic department still to polish and fix and actually everything tbh but thanks. Made me very glad that you liked it. Yeah haha the jazzy shop theme was really fun to make!  Hm maybe this game should be completed. Not sure yet though.  But it is really fun to work on this smaller project as a side thing.  There is more to come!

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Ah dang it. Happened to me too. Only at the boss what the hell.  I am definitely going to add tile collisions instead later for more robust collisions. I do cover the whole area with collisionboxes. Stretched though  I think I may know the issue.  Thanks for playing Z one more time. I hope you liked the Jazzy shop melody ;)! 

New version of Zentaisen is up!

Read more about it here :) !

Here are some screenshots of the new version.

Heya thanks man :) Yeah the sprite assest may not be top notch :D The RPG part is not fully developed yet, i think that you are going to like it when i get further on wuth the whole system :). And then not everyone can like everything so that is fine :) 

I will add specials giving you the possibility to aim those enemies on horizontal scrolling parts too ;)

I am working on it as im typing! I hope to release a new version of it tomorrow :)

Thanks again! :)

Oh thank you! :) ! Ok gotcha! (Add difficulties later instead).

Thank you again for the kind words and the feedback, really appreciate it!

Ok thanks, ah too bad you did not like the music ! Hm about the rotation...not sure if that is a good idea, i am however cooking something that will help on the horizontal scrolling :) 

Thanks again! :)

Cool idea, interesting! Nice that the music changed if you started the stage over. And nice music too! :) I noticed that you will not move with the moving platforms if you shoot!, your x & y is not affected by the platform while shooting i mean.

I liked this game! Cool stuff :) 

Nice work. Very soothing gameplay :) Nice concept. This game has heart!

Yeah I have thought about that but did not have that as a prio. Can implement that too. Thanks. 

Thank you for putting time into commenting, i am humbled! :) I actually think that there are TOO many upgrades in the first stage..but i wanted to give you guys the "whole" experience as of now until i go and rebuild stuff, so i just threw in all of the upgrades here and there in the stage.

Wait you did not pick up the multi directional weapon ? There is one there! :)

You are totally right about the art assets! I borrowed 2 enemy sprites from my other game Aria Disconnect just to fill in more enemies! So you are totally on point there. The visuals needs "make up" ;)

Thanks again man :) ! I am also glad that you enjoyed the music,  it was really fun to make, using the "restrictions" and the same-ish tools that they used for the real SNES. I really think i should continue building on this one..there is so much more cool stuff in the pipeline.

SNES shooter !;) Haha kidding, i get your point. 1000 thanks as we say in sweden. Glad you liked it man. Makes my day! Cheers!

My screen size code right now is pretty simple.

.: In CREATE Event :.

viewWidth = 1920 /4;

viewHeight = 1080/4;

windowScale = 4;

var horSize = viewWidth * windowScale;

var verSize = viewHeight * windowScale;


//then i set the surface size to the same values, 


And then lastly i center the window to the center of your screen. 

So there is no fullscreen mode when you start the game!

How small is your screen?

Mayeb i can add a "windowed size " property in that case where you have the options x1, x2, x3, x4 etc

Haha when you die man, dude only that goves this game a 5/5 :D loved it! Nicely balanced difficulty!  Yeah the use of 3d sound man, nice! :) this was fun! Continue on this one!

Hey, FUN! First i did not understand the game at all, but after after awhile i did understand the gameplay, and after that the whole concept felt very intuitive and fun.

And the music, YES, loved it. It felt very  Japan "Front Mission" Rpg shop alike and i loved it! I am not even so into these types of games but hell, yeah nice game man :) This was fun :) 3.8 /5 regarding the time and effort that went into this!

Clean graphics mate! It was pretty hard for me to get in to the gameplay at first , i tried 4-5 times to get a good round but died kind of often. I do however love tactics games. And after awhile i actually got pretty good at this, which did make this game feel fun :) I think that the explanations just needs some polishing to get new players into it faster :) 

Good job bro!

For starters i liked the ambient music! it gave me a calm feeling. Telling me that there is no rush to do anything. 

I did though think that to capture these creatures was a bit tedious, or not tedious but maybe too many steps before you get them.

I liked the sound memorization part and the press directions in the correct order part! But maybe use them separately as their own parts beofre capturing the creature? and not to combine all of them in one capture..maybe use the directional things for one type of creature and the sound part another or something. And also the sound effects are tad too loud! :)

Other than that i liked the depth, athmosphere and the exploration in general. And nice graphics too! :) really cool!  A relaxing game!

I have noted all the feedback so far from you guys, i will fix them (TRY to fix them) later today/ tomorrow and maybe add the second stage too that is a Mode 7 stage with a different perspective..i felt so bad when i could not implement that one in time.

Yeah you have to shoot him in the eye with the rockets.. Ok good thanks! ill check that tomorrow :)  hopefully i will have a new version out with more content and bugfixes tomorrow. In sweden we are celebrating midsummer today so cant really get into working on the game now ;/. 

Thanks again!

Thanks bro! this is going to be a bullet hell with a touch of RPG elemements, like Un Squadron for snes where you can upgrqade your ship after every stage, but with a experience system..i hope it will turn out well.

Super thanks for the feedback. Will try out your game too!

Oops! dang, is that bug still there, damn. I thought i fixed it already. ah well, back to bugfixing that issue! 

Yeah the hp bug, i know about that, ill put that on the the bugfix list too ^^

Ok thanks, the tilesets and assets are pretty crap imo, so this will be fixed later on for sure. But ok good to know! Just have to fix that then!

I really appreciate the feedback  :)  I could not ask for more than for people to just try the game out, but you guys commenting on top of that means alot.

Thank you!

I will try out your game soon too.

hm that sounded really weird, the game should not start fullscreen. There isnt even a code doing that?... Yeah it could be a resizing issue , hm. I have to look into that. Thanks.!

Ok nice! then i have time to try out more gaymz!

No worries man! The game felt awesome in general! 

Nice to know the details behind the SFX!  Good job as i said! Really impressed! 

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Holy crap i liked this! This is not my type of a game but there is something with the 2d and the snappy controls that got me invested. I played once first with a harder difficulty and i died immediately ofcourse but then i got better after i played for a while on the easier difficulty . It was so fun and satisfying to shoot the enemies.

I liked the SFX and the graphics are fitting with nice animations

This game has a good feel and keeps you motivated to play, that is a big plus!

I would like to have some more visible field in front of the player by adding just a little light with the opacity a bit lower where your crosshair is? but just a little to give "some" hint of what is infront of you without showing too much? It felt sometimes like the enemies just appear infront of you all of sudden, altough i know that this is intended to give the panic feel :) 

Anyhoo, holy crap, alot of work has been odne in just 4 days, damn. Good job man! 5/5.

Ok! I tried out your game now. First i wondered why there was no music but then it started bip'n and bop'n and i was game on :) 

I liked the small puzzles that came here and there and it was fun to shoot enemies and it was good that you had ENOUGH bullets/bullet clips.

The color palette was restricted but in a good way i think, you could see everything nicely and there were interesting enemies and i always felt an urge to kill every enemy! that is just the way i am programmed! 100% everything!

The animations were nice and the pause feature was also nice where the color palette changed.

I am however not a big fan of the controls since i suck at controlling movement with the arrow keys (that is just me). And also some sounds on hitting the enemies had been a plus, and maybe some sound when you shoot, maybe that was a priority thing tough. Then i wonder why the second room was slower.? Draw events that are taking the cpu to the roof perhaps?..

The game seemed to be longer than i thought, so maybe add some kind of checkpoint in the middle of the stage ?

Good job!

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Yes the screen movement not affecting the players movement is by design! To make you move your player and give some challenge that way! But yeah,  maybe i should add the screen movement to the players movement. Good feedback! Do you mean that the ship bugged and went out of the stage?..

THANKS! :)  I will try out your game soon too!

Damn this game was kind of scary :D those enemies lurking around and making sounds. I really liked the visuals as others here have said. Clean visuals, precise controls too. Very clinical in a sense..i would love to get some help on the 3d stuff on Zentaisen from you, you seem to know the 3d system pretty well!  Atmospheric without the music actually, and i loved the popping sounds when you shoot :d satisfying tbh. This will be better with more time on it! Good job so far.

One thing i noted was the height of the he short or is there any other reason why you are so close to the ground?  Oh and i didn't find the exit..but i will try again soon, i have a couple of games to try out!

Hey thanks! :) !

Ah right yeah.. i dont get that box up anymore, i may have to check my settings, thanks for letting me know! :) 

Thanks for playing and thank you for the feedback and liking the SNES style approach! :) Really appreciate it.

Thanks for the feedback!!

Ahh yeah it was a shame..i actually finished the whole mode7 stage and everything but then other things clogged up my schedule ;/.

I will however continue on this orijekt and plish it. Its "ugly" right now with all the assets and stuff.. Assets and sprites really needs their time.

Yeah the rockets should only be able to hit the eye...i am going to fix that  when i get back to the project for sure :)

Yeah sure, quite right on that point :)

Ok sure! How do i go about doing that? just zip the installed game ?

For you all who love shmups, and love SNES.

Give it a try and rate it! :) 

Have a nice day!

Thanks man! :) ! I really need to check up more games here..been so busy, damn.