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I'm sad to hear you gave up!  Had you been able to buy a decent amount of upgrades?

I used GameMaker Studio 2!

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I got this error when I was trying to run it!  

"Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".".  Is the .pck file missing?"

godbless you


Absolutely wonderful game.  

Tricky little mechanic but nice game!

It took me a hot second to understand how the aiming controls worked, but nice little game!

Nice little game!  I liked the enemy designs especially.

Absolutely fantastic.  All around wonderful game.

Nice little game!  I loved the graphics.  My only complaint would be the difficulty, it felt a little unfair at times.  But nice game!

Hey, I just wanted to give you a heads up, the music for the game needs to be created within the timeframe of the jam!  

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This game looks great!  I just wanted to give you a heads up, the music for the game needs to be created within the timeframe of the jam.  I don't believe you can use already existing royalty free music unfortunately.

Thousands of years from now, when an alien species pulls my cryo chamber up from where it was buried deep within the ruins of the old world, they will ask me about the civilization that once lived on the planet we called Earth.  I will explain to them history, the idea of culture, the importance of love, and the ability to dream that was integral to human success.  But one day, they will ask me the all important question:  "What was art?"  And with a wry smile, maybe a slight shake of my head, I will reach into my pocket and hand them a flash drive with the .zip of this game on it.


my high score was 131.91, get at me >:)

simply outstanding

The animation in this is unironically fantastic, really just quite good

This game is utterly fantastic and polished, but I do have the complaint that as it currently stands it is too easy.  Regardless, great game!

Neat little game!  Interesting concept and pretty fun to play.

Great little game, I really like simplicity of the RPG mechanics and how they work in this context.  

I love the environment for this game and the overall feel is great, but some of the mechanics really were more frustrating than they were fun.  The small enemies are difficult to hit, but if one gets too close to you, you can't reset them by leaving room and reentering.  However, they will stay where they are.  So they end up killing you when you step into the room because they're where you left them, right at the entrance to the room.

Fascinating idea for a puzzle platformer!

Great little game!  I didn't get super far but I'll come back to it to try again.

Title pretty much says it all, but do I need to create my game between August 31st and September 15th, or can I work on it now and just submit it then?