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Cool idea and genre mix!

I takes me  a little while to get the control. The game idea is so creative and makes a lot of fun! I will get a good score without hitting the birds.

Wow the graphics and animations are awesome! I beat the game with the kunai. Next time i try to beat it with the katana. Very impressive work for this short time.

Oh yeah, it´s very hard :D One point of criticism, sometimes when i change the room, the enemies are to close to me.

A game with a tucan as a hero! It´s very cool! But in my four runs i did not find a key to open the chests. What i am doing wrong?

Very nice platformer. The only thing that bothers me is, when i die i start in the previous level.

Thanks for the info! I am now looking for the bug.

Incredible work! The graphics, the sound, the gameplay, everything fits. It is also very extensive. It makes me a lot of fun. How many level to beat?

The man with the golden gun :) Very cool action plattformer. it takes me many lives to beat it.  

Interesting concept, but i can´t read the messages. they have the same colour as the background. I like the punch animation :)

Very cool game, i beat the aliens boss! The graphics are very beautiful. Only the movespeed could be a little bit faster.

It is so simple, but it makes so much fun :) To do a spike is so cool!

Wow, this is a very  ambitious game! I like the graphics and the craft and magic system. The only thing i have to complain is the small hit range of my weapon.

Very cool, i reached the 3rd floor. I like the gameplay a lot. How many floors have this game?

Interesting concept but unfortunately the graphics are very washed out and I couldn't figure out how to fight the enemies. 

Super atmospheric game. I found Munu and i was very sad when she disappears :( Well graphics and sound. I will try to get more endings. How many endings does exists?

I very nice puzzle game. I enjoy the relaxing music. I am very proud because i beat all puzzles :)

Wow, it is totally simple, but i have so much fun with it!

Wirklich tolles kleines Strategie Spiel! Hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht herauszufinden wie ich am besten vorgehen muss :)

Vielen lieben Dank :)

Tolles Innovatives Gameplay. Dazu der schöne Game Boy look. Gefällt mir echt sehr gut :)

Vielen Dank für dein Feedback :)

Oh, habe echt ganz vergessen die Tastenbelegung für die Upgrades reinzuschreiben. Danke für den Hinweis und freut mich das du ein bisschen spass mit dem Spiel hattest :)

Wow, it looks so good! The concept is very funny :)

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!! 

Thank you :)

Cool idea! A nice reaction game. The sprites are looking very good.

What a cool way to movement. But it´s very hard to kill the enemies without getting hit.

Very intresting gameplay. But the first planet should be rotate faster.

Very hard, but i have much fun with it!

Thank you for playing :)

Wow, what an great idea! A cool little dungeon crawler with a level up system. 

In my first run a reach dungeon 4. How many duneogns exists?

There is only one enemy. I start the game a few times .

I like the artstyle and the 3D aspect!

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing.

I fast added some soundeffects and one track. The player can jump higher now :)

During the jam i had many gameplay ideas, but not enough time to do it ;)

It looks like an very early prototype. I like the fast movement an the asteroid collision. But i realy don´t know what is to do :)

Ok thank you :)

Is there an error message?

Do you have win.rar?

Thank you :)

Tank you!