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Great work! Very good gameplay and awesome graphics. I really enjoy it.

An addictive gameplay. It's as easy as it is awesome. The AI is able to win.  More levels of difficulty would be cool.

Wow, what an awesome idea. Thats my first rhythm game i ever have played and i like it!

The look of the game is great, it really looks like it was a in the early 90s released Gameboy game. The controlls are fine. It is a difficult game though. I came not so far yet.

Thank you for playing and thanks for the pleasure :)

Thank you for playing :)

The collision really needs some fine Tuning and I should have made a door opening Animation.

Thank you for playing Ghost Arena. The snakes have two lives, so you have to jump on them twice. but beware, they do a counter attack. The Sound effects were the last Thing i took car of. Originally, I wanted to make more bosses, but in time it was not possible.

Yeah, i beat the six Levels. But at the end there Comes a error message. Nice platformer.

A funny plattformer with sweet enemies. It´s cool that you can use the bommerang for double jumps. But the fourth room was to hard for me, i have try it for 10 minutes.

Snails vs Aliens


Snails vs Aliens is a classic side Scrolling 8-bit style shooter. Aliens attack the earth but this is no easy match. The snails are equiped with strong weaponsystems to defend their planet. Can you defeat the aliens and save the whole planet?


- 7 Levels

- 6 Bosses

- Optional submissions

- Own graphics and music

- Upgradesystem

- Primary and secundary weapons

- Shop


W A S D = walk

SPACE = shoot

CRTL = missles

L = smartbomb