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This is a really neat idea! It took me a little while to learn how the numbers worked, and then longer to strategize properly.  The rotating nature of the numbers means you have to think a lot about where the numbers will be next turn, and if you can be safe. It felt good going first with two 4s side by side and leaving an invincible corner piece. If your opponent doesn't take it, you can get the opposite corner the same way on your second turn, which leads to some neat counterplay.
One thing that is a problem is when you have two identical numbers across from each other. I had 2s on either side of my Xs, and 1s above and below. Once I went first, the cpu oponent could always use their 2s against my 1s, and there was no chance of strategy. Or victory. It might be wise to determine which number patterns are unfair and re-roll when they occur.
I liked it a lot!