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Hey there I'm currently working on creating a demo for a game and looking for help with level design and possibly art (2d and possibly 3D).  The game is a 2.5D platformer reminiscent of MegaMan crossed with a bit of Tomba.  I have premade assets ready to go and be placed just need help with design and we can discuss payment ( I have a weird pay schedule).  If you're interested feel free to message me on discord at Harlock#2426

cool. How may I get in contact to talk about things?

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Still available?

Hey there, I just sent you a Discord Request if you're still looking for something small term.

Thanks for the Map Generation Compliment

Awesome game, reminds me of my submission last year. great work!

tons of fun and very addicting

this one is great! love the gameplay and style. had a lot of fun with this one. great work!

Thanks for all that very helpful feedback.  We're definitely finishing up this tech demo to be a full thing. Feel free to follow its progress , future feedback would be appreciated.

thanks very much for the wonderful feedback. We plan on continuing updating this game so please feel free to follow development.  As far as design goes,  we have since interesting things we didn't get to implement before but we still plan on adding it all in even with the jam being over. 

Thanks! ha, yeah I was considering that. Feel free to watch the game if you want to keep up with out other additions and polish! I'll be sure to check out your game too!

Thank you!

Thanks Very much!  feel free to keep watch of the game for upcoming additions. Just updated the controls so I'd like an additional opinion from you if that is ok

Thank you Very Much! That was the intended goal, to be simple and fun

Thank you Very Much! that is what I was hoping to achieve, Simple yet fun.

Thank you very much.  I liked how the explosions came out as well, this was my first jam doing any sort of art for a game and please give all thanks to for the audio. He's a wonderful individual and great to work with