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Thanks for the video!!

Vlw por jogar!! A ideia de usar as pegadas do Curupira é muito boa mesmo, fica muito diferente ainda mais pq ele deixa pegadas ao contrário. Eu acho que valeria a pena investir mais no jogo pra um relançamento mais completo/polido, ia dar um título indie muito bom, de forma que usa folclore brasileiro de forma divertida e diferente!

This game is very cute, specially the animals! I love the artstyle and the music, is very Game Boy feeling and makes me nostalgic. I think you have a lot of ideas going on and all of them are essential to undestand in order to beat the levels, but honestly I believe you could teach the player the rules and mechanics little by little with some type of in-game tutorial. I know this is probably the most hard part in a game development (teaching the player how to play your game), so I know is a lot of work specially in a JAM project. But I hope you review the game and make a nice tutorial in gameplay introduction because I really love the mechanics and I believe you can make this game into a big project in the future with more flesh out graphics and stuff! Great work!! Parabéns!!

Thanks for playing!! Vlw por jogar!!
Vou jogar Curupira agora!!

Thanks a lot for playing and the comment! I love japanese games, that's a big compliment to me!! :D
I'm happy you find it fun!!

Thanks a lot!! Gonna check your game late!

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Thanks a lot for playing this far! And I agree... Level 13 is the hardest haha

So so cool! I love the animation, gameplay, sound... everything about it! It's hard, but I want to play more until I beat haha. Great job!

Thanks a lot again for playing it Simon! I'm very happy you had a fun time with it!

Thanks Noronha!! Hope you enjoy it (^_^)!!!

Ooh thank YOU for playing nonomiyo!! I'm super happy you enjoy playing it!! 

Hey Lilacgamer thanks a lot for playing!! Your video is hilarious, it was fun to see you playing haha!! I'm happy you had a great time with it!!

Hey guys, thanks a lot for playing!! Really fun watching you playing it!! Btw I'm subscribed to your channel and it was a surprise to see my game on the feed when I open YT today!!

Really nice game!! I love the concept to put stuff in the correct box. It's very simple to play but you can get a hard time managing everything specially in late levels, which is a good thing. I really really love the presentation: the pixel art reminds me something from a vintage educational book, and music working together giving the game that vintage feeling too. The sound effects are very satisfy also!! It feels like an old PC game, something from MSX age and definitely would fit in a GB of course. Nice work, I want to keep play to beat all levels!!

Thanks for playing Seltzy!! I'm happy you enjoyed your time playing it!! Now get back to work, there are plenty of gifts to be finished making!! XD

Hey Simon, thanks a lot for playing my game!! I'm happy you enjoy playing it and hearing it's one of the best entry in this Jam made my day :O!! You are right, I may have made this game kinda too hard, but like you said, once you keep the rhythm you can keep going for a long time. Oh believe or not, I made this game in 160x144 but it's being rendered in 320x288 while in Windowed Mode. I'm not sure if rendering in double makes it plays more smoothly (I made it in Game Maker: Studio 1), but for the character moviment I used acceleration and deceleration, which gived it the smooth feeling. Thanks again Simon!!

I hate them in real life too lol! Thanks a lot for playing!! :D

Really nice demo with levels that explores differents ideas . I like the controls, very simple and responsive, and the animation with the weight of the character works very well. My favorites levels are the Clean Up 2 and Survival 3. I wish you have put some items that recoveries health though, it would make the exploration in clean up levels more rewarding I believe, and I'm not sure about the bullets having a limit, I don't see how this would work in a finished game, because the shooting range is already very short you know? I think if the range was bigger, I'd understand the limit, but of course in a finished game this could be balanced through upgrades/power ups. I hope you keep working on it coz I see a lot of potential for a finished game since this demo you could make different situations with few elements and it was very fun to play. Nice work!!

Wow that's really nice to hear!! Thanks a lot!!

Thank you!! (^̮^)

Hey thanks a lot for playing it!! I find out you had a streamig playing GBJAM6 games, and I saw you playing my game haha. It was fun seeing someone playing for the first time. Thanks a lot!!

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Fun little game!! At first it was hard to get used with the jump height, but once you get the grip of it, you can go pretty fast jumping from platform to platform! I noticed, though, if you jump to off screen (far left or far right), the character will be falling forever. It shouldnt be an invisible wall or teleport to the oposite side when this happens? But I understand it was your first try learning a new engine so it was really good work!!

Wow! Thanks a lot for checking my game! I didnt know about GDQ Hotfix/Mystery Tournament. I've just watched the recorded streaming and I was very surprised! They found competitve/speedrun potential for it! Hahaha very fun to watch! Thank YOU for playing it! I hope you enjoy the playtime with it!

Thanks a lot for playing and for leaving a comment! I really appreciate your feedback <3

Hey guys! I finished and released my game yesterday (I just find out this part of the site today, lol!). Happy Happy Hoola Hoopy is a simple one button control game where you control a mysterious object that need to spread happiness all around the Earth. I made a trailer you can check out below, if you like it and want to play it, please download it at my page:
Thanks and any feedback is very very welcome to me! I really want to improve making new games.