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Place mines to get the highest adrenaline possible
Submitted by parse (@parsenoire), Bagelcollie (@bagelcollie) — 15 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Minesweeper, but you place the mines.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I love the artwork on this game although the theme is a bit sad because I love dogs haha! I’m slowly running out of steam from reviewing so many games but This was fun to play!


Ahaha, same with me and dogs but I think it's like tom and jerry comedy so it's fine ~
And thanks for giving our game ago <3


Amazing art, interacting animation and sfx, and delivery. Could use some more clarification on how the puppy behaves. But overall a good game! Please check out mine as well!


Promising prototype, good luck.


very nice idea


This game is absolutely great! The art is of course the best part, with the thumbs up dog and (sadly) the fried dog being the best parts. The gameplay loop is a little confusing with only knowing one place the dog will dig, but I liked the tension that it built. 

Would love to have some beeping sound effects as mentioned in the description - I think this can bring the tension and enjoyment of the game even higher than it already is. Having made a music/rhythm game ourselves though, I understand how much of a time-suck sound design can be for something like this so I am glad you focused most on making a really solid gameplay system.

Great work!


I love the sound design here! from the silly explosions to the song changing, it sounds really good!

I am unsure if it matters how much adrenaline the dog gets, aside from scoring purposes! I did feel like I had to randomly place mines, wait and see if the dog did or didn't encounter a bomb, and then just adjust the position of the mines to get more adrenaline. I think it would be neat if getting a high adrenaline score would reward you in some way, whilst getting hit with a bomb would give you a penalty. Random idea: maybe you could choose how many times the dog digs? That means you have both the chance to get more points, but also more chance to lose it all!

still though! the art style is really pretty and all the little animations are a treat to watch.

also uhhh gimme the CSS of the itch page please? its super pretty!


That's fair, ahaha. And yea ! That sounds like good suggestions, we'll keep it in mind ~
Also the itch page is mainly images and google fonts, nothing fancy with the CSS


The presentation of the game is so well-polished, I can't believe you even added animated sprites for the action of putting down mines?? and the running sprites and idle animation??? The victory music cues sync with the main loop???? There's a ton of little details about this that I really appreciated (like how you even put the plugins you used in your credits! Shapes 👀)

I would have loved to see more gameplay ideas here too! One easy twist would be to show players the maximum number of points per level and make them puzzle out how to maximize their score, or give them a rating based on a max adrenaline score to encourage replaying the level. Either way, really wonderful entry and I hope to see more games from your team in the future.


Cleanly done, looks good, and runs well (I had some audio tearing issues- not sure if that's just on my end). The difficulty was very forgiving.


Very fun concept :) 


Omg I just blew up so many dogs!


Who let the dog out

I love the art style, and the idea itself was really clever, but sadly, there's not much gameplay behind it, I understand 48h is not much though! Still, a really cute and funny game, really nice job!


I really liked the art! The game felt very smooth too. It would've been cool though if there was a bit more gameplay though than just placing the mines, as every level felt a little too similar. Overall though, its a cute jam game!


Amazing presentation and very creative idea. Maximizing adrenaline by placing mines in 2 spaces near to where the dog will be is great. Although i'm not sure if its a bug but i could never see where the dog would dig until i'd seen it once.


I love the idea of placing the bombs for a minesweeper-type game! Art style is amazing! But I wish you had to try to beat them, rather than giving them an adrenaline rush.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Due to the nature of minesweeper this one can be a bit random/trial error like, but its just so cute and plays well, that it barely disrupts.
Scoremaxxing on the retry is fun aswell


Very good!


Lovely presentation, clicked immediately due to the dog. Also a very unique spin on the theme. Would have expected with a reversed minesweeper game to try and beat the player not give them an adrenaline rush. Very nice!


Nice! The graphics / animation are great, and the explosions are pretty funny. Having the game based around guess and check is fine, but I feel like theres less strategizing. Well done!