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Thanks!! Yeah sounds that distract the guards would be an awesome mechanic! thanks for the idea   :D

Thanks!! Yeah, I was thinking about keeping the intruders hidden unless they are in sight. If I had less random paths, I think that could work better! And if you hold left click and drag, it'll draw a path as a loop, (but just not on the walls or spawn zones), is that what you are asking about with your second point??

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Great concept! I love the idea of using the dead robots, really adds a good amount of dynamic gameplay! Some minor issues with the UI appearing behind the robots, and it could use a speed up time button, while your waiting for the robots to finish a run, but great work overall! Very captivating! 

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I love the idea of being a boss with a growing list of spells! Activating the spells was a bit tricky, but they were very cool to use! Nice work overall

Thanks!! I'm glad you like it :)   Yeah I agree! A better direction might have been to have been keep the original 2 guards view distance the same, and add in extra guards of different types. Then build the difficulty with smarter, faster, and a greater quantity of  enemies. Yeah and you also make a good point about the routes feeling random, i went a bit crazy with the nodes there, maybe if they rarely crossed lanes mid-path it'd feel less random. Lots to think about! Thanks for the comment!

super creative idea! The reveal at the start is great. I love that there isn't any filler levels, they all bring something new to the table.     I wonder if you added some color to the buttons on the tutorial box if it'll be easier to distinguish quicker and make it a little quicker to switch between the rules? - (eg. "SPACE", "A", "D", "G" -- giving each of those buttons different colors).

Really nice work overall!

Wow, that art is stunning -- super polished. Simple gameplay but really solid unique concept - haven't seen anyone else do putting items back. I think the fast-paced free movement really made it. Nice work!

I actually really love the concept! Quite fun! I'm pretty sure the speed controls is a key reason I kept playing for so long, not having to wait as much.  It was fun to try different strategies on the three different lanes, letting the AI build up one lane, only to send a bunch of the fast ones to the less-defended lane. I could see myself playing a fully fleshed out version for an hour -- I think the AI player's intelligence is really what makes it - it really plays like a normal player would. Nice work!

Really fun unique idea! And a cute art style that really fits the gameplay too.  A lot of the time I relied on moving the path behind the penguin to build speed, It'd be more difficult, but I wonder what it'd be like if you could only edit the path in front ? Nicely done though!

Love the take on the theme! The art and music is also really good - fits the game well.  And I love that there's more than just one way to influence the game, really gives it some depth. Nicely done! 

I love the idea of being the lowest-rank mob in a pokemon-type world! Really strong take on the theme! I think if it had a few more mechanics to fill-out the gameplay, like having to fight/flee when you do run into someone, or something, it'd flesh out the gameplay nicely.   I was like 5 moves from finishing level 5 -- super fun, and good job overall! 

Super cute cat and the art in general is really good! Nice work!

Stunning art style! The camera was a little tricky to control -- maybe if I could control it with arrow keys it'd be easier? Fun take on the reverse golf though, nice work!

Quite a unique take on not playing as the hero or villain! It really does make more sense (and is more fun) to play as a minion controling platforms from within the game, rather than as the "game designer" moving the platforms around, like other games I've seen in the game jam. Pixel art is very nice as well! Good job! 

Soild take on a reverse frogger! It's fun weaving between cars. I think It'd be cool if the frogs were animated - waddling and hopping across the road while you were driving. Nice work overall!

The apple-dude on the bike is cute & the environmental art really good too! You don't see top-down parallax clouds in games very often, so that's quite cool.  Good Stuff!

The flying, movement, and animation is super fun and snappy! The gameplay is like flappy bird on hard mode -- quite fun. The main character design is pretty cool too! Checkpoints would be nice, but all-round good job!

The health pack is so brutal, haha -- heals so much -- great mechanic! Really good concept too -- Kinda reminds me of Indestructotank (the 2007 flash game). I couldn't quite tell how much damage the gas or fire was doing though, but really nice work overall!  

I really like the atmosphere - the art, music, and floaty controls really work well together. The difficulty is quite spot on too -- it has a good amount of challenge to it. 

But i'm too impatient to keep retrying over and over again until I get it,   but I wonder if a level (or multiple) at half the length, but with a leaderboard, might increase the replayability? 

Really fun though, nice work!

Having the snake eat the bugs is a nice spin on the concept -- adding another dimension to the gameplay like that was a great idea! The art is really good too! It feels a little bit slow to get started, but really nice work!

Such a fun twist! The woah moment when you realize you have to dodge your own attacks is so good. Nicely polished too, good job!

That's a really strong concept! I love the idea of like a dungeon keeper but for mario games, reclaiming souls and resetting traps. I like that he interacts with the world differently to how a mario would -- that he needs more health to be able to collect souls from spike pits. Maybe if he had an additional power to mario, like a grappling hook, (so he wouldn't need so much health), it'd add some more depth to the gameplay? The controls can be quite fiddly, but nice work overall!

It's quite fun placing ghosts in strategic parts of the map, and swapping between them trying to corner Pacman! I think it'd help if the active ghost was highlighed in someway, so that it was very clear which ghost I was moving. But fun concept overall !! 

The art is amazing -- really suits the vibe of a cute and cozy little story in a wholesome fantasy world. I did have a weird bug where when dragging the quests they would move wildly and it'd be difficult to hand-over. But I really love the concept - great implementation!

Thanks for the lovely comment! Yeah that's a very good point about the music -- I chucked it in fairly last minute, but should probably give it some proper attention. And I'd love to spend some time making some proper levels once the voting period ends :)

Really nice! It's like if animator vs animation was a chill well-made puzzle game. The music fits really well. The art hits a good blend of nostalgia and quality. I think it'd be cool if you were interacting with other parts of the desktop as well, rather than just the one window. But nicely done!

Wow! That's a really fun unique concept! The funny sound design really matches the gameplay well. The art is quite nice as well -- I dont think the thumbnail does it justice! Super entertaining execution and concept, well done!

Once you figure out how it works it's really good! The puzzles are nicely challenging! A run button and some music might make it feel a little faster paced, but nice work overall !!

That's so fun!! Once you get the hang of it you get into a sort of rhythm, it's quite addicting. The gameplay is fairly simple, but it's just the right amount of challenging. Nicely done!

Lovely visuals! Took me a minute to figure out how to start it, but its a really fun idea! Also, I think if getting a match had a sound effect it'd be super satisfying. Nicely done though!    :)

Fun game!! It's funny, you rush through it thinking its easy, until you realise that the amount of dudes you have is the amount that survived in the last round, and the way you play it changes immediately to be super-high stakes - almost like there's a role reversal in just the way you play it when you work it out. The art and music could use some work, but the gameplay is super interesting and fun, nice work!

The art direction looks amazing and the gameplay is engaging!! I just wish the restart was quicker and that you could swap between selected platforms with the 1-4 keys, but it's really fun, nice work!!

It's quite fun a fling yourself around the map! Cool concept -- nice work!

Good concept, swaping between the pockets is very fun! Satsfying to get it without bouncing. Could use a little more depth, but nice work!

The aesthetic is great -- really good art! Unique concept too! Catching the hacker is super satisfying. Well done.

The idea of rocket league brick breaker is actually a really fun cool idea! Even though it's relatively simple in its current form, its actually quite fun. 

There's a lot you could do with it too, like adding the sound of the bricks breaking, adding powerups and different block types, but the core gameplay is super fun! I love the chaos of racing back to stop the ball hitting the wall after getting too ambitious. 

I think if the car was a little slower to break and a tiny bit more "floaty" on the steering, it'd add a good amount of pressure to the gameplay - requiring more focus. 

Overall, solid concept, quite fun!

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Quite an enjoyable challenging game for something relatively simple! I think it'd be more satisfying if the arrows stuck into the target rather than bouncing off, and if you got a bonus for getting it in the center,    but nice work overall!!

I love the concept and the art fits really well. I like how recognizable the tower-types were and the variety -- that they are the all the type of enemies used in the mainstream tower defence games. I went with the speed every time, seems to work well -- feels like the whole game should be sped up more in general maybe? Overall, nice work! 

I really enjoyed the re-verse pun! The background art is also very cool - concept could be fleshed out a bit more -- maybe if the all the words in the line were messed up and you just had to quickly put them back in order, rather than having to guess which is the correct phrase - Nice work though!!

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Super cute relaxing puzzle game! Visuals reminiscent of poly pocket. Art style and music is perfect -- super polished as well. Puzzles were quite hard, but nice work overall!