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Cool game! I like the art and the music.

Neat game, hope it was fun making it!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

Pretty cool. I personally think this game is very good and fun. Keep making stuff!

Hey this game looks pretty cool, but I can't seem to play it. How do you start it?

Neat game! I like the water physics

Neat game! Made it to the second level.

hey thanks for your reply! I definitely could make the reaching the totem more noticeable that’s a good point. Also, can I ask why you didn’t finish? Was it because you got stuck in the level or is it because it just took up too much time? Regardless, I appreciate you playing the game and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for your reply I'm glad you found the game charming. As for the spike cave, maybe it was a little too hard so that is something I would consider changing. And I probably should fix that tag too lol.

I like the music and the game looks cool!

i like the voice acting

i like the particle effects

i like the artstyle


rip sawfish

shes beautiful

cool art and neat game concept

this game is a masterpiece


Speedrun Benchmark: 1:35.26

i like it

Truly a narrative masterpiece. Had me crying.


Really cool game

thank you for your feedback, glad you liked it

neat game love the concept

absolutely astounding game. I loved every minute of it.

really neat game. love the art.

neat concept

love the music

nice game I enjoy

Cool game, love the pixel art

I enjoy the goofy character animation