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Hm, that's strange. It seems to be working fine in Chrome version 93.0.4577.63 for me. What browser (+version) and OS are you running on?

ahhh, we are all very busy but I can try and make this happen! I'll send a reply if/when we upload one!

Thank you so much!! I'm really glad I got to interact with you folks through the jam, hope to see more neat work from you all soon :))

we could not stop them, for they are in love 😔

I'm... u-um... y-you're welcome??

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The basic mechanic was really interesting, though I wish there were more ways to control the ball. I felt like I spent the majority of the first level running after it, which felt a bit tedious.

I also got stuck on the second level, as there didn't seem to be any way to get to the ball?

The presentation was pretty charming, and I liked the written narration that was provided in the tutorial!

Ah, this one is so cute! The sound design is top-notch, and the texturing was very whimsical. I think this game would benefit from a few quality-of-life improvements, like having veggies reappear even if you lose your crow and having an easy way to restart the level. Wonderful work!

The core idea is interesting, but I had a hard time understanding what was happening with the ship. The effects the power-ups had was not very obvious, and sometimes knives would spawn directly over my character and end the run.

Yeah, couldn't seem to run this on the itch application after downloading ://

Really lovely twist on the concept of two connected characters! You absolutely knocked your presentation out of the park. Two wishes I would have for this would be for Salem not to disappear off the top and bottom (since it's hard to get them back) and for a basic tutorial or explanation at the beginning of the game.

10/10 would yeet cat again

This game absolutely oozes atmosphere, and the eerie glow of the levels and the lighting on the lasers are top-notch. I did find that some weirdness with the controls (I had some difficulty throwing the gun correctly and it sometimes didn't teleport me) and the graphics settings (slow framerate + the lag on loading into levels) made it hard for me to make progress.

I've seen lots of games that have a core mechanic of two joined objects, but I think the twist this game adds (by having them joined along a rail) is such a clever idea! Definitely sad that it's a short experience, but this was very cool.

The main track is such a bop, I love it! The core idea of your game is really interesting, though without other players or objects to interact with it's tough to get a feel for how it would shape up fully. Would love to see where you go from here!

The core mechanic of your game was really creative! Trying to solve shape puzzles with your cords was a really fun idea.

I found myself fumbling a lot with the first-person camera view? It made moving the two cords sometimes a bit unwieldy.

I also found myself getting panicked a lot trying to figure out if I wasn't seeing an easy match or if there was none and I had to press the button ://

Other than these difficulties, the game itself is presented really well, and I appreciate that there's a short tutorial segment :>

Wow, this is incredibly impressive for 48 hours! The environments were so detailed and I really loved the aesthetic you went for with 2D sprites in 3D environments. 

I did have a bit of a bug where I couldn't break the dumpster even with four dogs, so I kind of cheesed it by pushing one of my doggo friends onto the button behind it.

I also really appreciated that your level puzzles were simple but understandable. Wonderful work!

The loud crunching noises that play every time Big Henry smacks into a wall make me think that he might be breaking some bones...

Love the animations/sprites on your two characters, they're very endearing. You packed a surprising number of levels into your game for 48 hours!

I know other comments said this, but doing *anything* in Scratch is really impressive. Lovely work :)

illicit workplace romance? 👀

Oh, this is really cute! I think the simple style really benefitted your concept, and you did a great job limiting your scope for the jam. I think I would have liked to see more tutorial levels introducing the core idea of your game since I spent a bit wandering around the first level trying to figure it out.

Ahh, this was a really cool idea! I really loved wildly swinging the knight around my mouse.

I feel like the game was trying to go in two directions at once that were a bit at odds with each other, with one a focus on precision with careful movement and the other on causing chaos. The movement of the knight was really erratic, which often meant that I was waiting until the knight happened to swing into the right position. I'd love to see a game that hones in on one of these two aspects-- maybe the knight could act more like a wrecking ball that you slam into enemies?

I think you did a good job with having the levels build progressively off one another too, which helped build the challenge up.

I successfully reclaimed my legs and arms but wasn't sure how to progress past that point. I wasn't able to climb up the walls, so was that the end of the game?

The rolling part was cute, and I'd love to see further exploration going back and forth between having and not having legs. The tilemap you used was very nice as well!

The character sometimes slowed down randomly, which was a bit confusing, and I wasn't sure if the shooting had any effect? I would consider including a few sentences in the game description about how it's played.

I really liked the flocking/following behavior on the zombie husbands, which was a delightful premise. Other than the slowdown, running from the horde was very fun.