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Nicely done! Really liked the special abilities on the bullets. The spiral one was my favorite. It'd be cool if I could see what ability I had next so I could plan in advance. Nice music, too!

"OnLy OnE... dRiNk... I pRoMiSe..."

Hilarious theme. Really nailed the drunk wizard voice - even funnier once I learned it was computer synthesized! Just wish there were more quotes for him to choose from when you restart! The MS Paint aesthetic really complements the drunkenness.

Drifting around corners was quite satisfying! The camera movement was well done too.

The fireballs were giving me more than a hard time, but I know you've fixed that in the new version. Overall, cute little game! Nicely done.

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Great game! Really loved the art, music, and sound effects. Overall, awesome presentation. The level design was quite clever. It does get hard fast, though. I wish that enemies had a little animation before they did their thing (like having the jumpy slimes squish their face before they jump) so I could anticipate their movements better. Joe from Team Horsehead has elaborated on this in the comments below.

I very much enjoyed the concept of freezing time and switching between your abilities. It's a bit clunky at first, but that's to be expected with a game jam game!

With a bit more refinement, I think you've got something really special on your hands. A cute puzzle-platformer where both the puzzling and platforming are tricky. Well done and good work!

Thank you so much! Glad to hear people are enjoying it. I'll check out yours now!

Yeah they do start to blend into one another once you get further into the game. While this is part of the challenge, I do acknowledge that it's not very accessible to those with color-blindness. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed.

Thank you! Simple but polished was exactly what I was hoping for. Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you for the kind words! Really loved Lurking in the Dark as well.

I did! It's called MONOCHEM, and you can try it out here! It's a puzzle game where you work on a chemical factory line removing duplicate molecules until there's only one of each left.

Interesting concept! I really like the retro style and sound. Great job with the ship physics. Just the right amount of slipperiness. Also the little guys that latch on to you and drag you around were really cool. I loved that in order to get them off of me I had to smash them into a wall or have a missile take them out!

I do wish there was a checkpoint system, though! I couldn't get past the part with all the turrets because the bullets keep pushing me back!

Overall I think there's a lot of potential here. With a bit more refinement you could really drive home the barely-functioning ship idea, which is great. Nice work!

A lot of really great stuff to unpack here. I really love the art and atmosphere. The lighting effect was very well executed. Definitely makes me want to give Godot another shot!

In terms of design, I loved the risk/reward aspect of the candle. In order for you to see, you had to let the monsters see you. Very clever. Also turned into a bit of a memory game when you're running away.

Really enjoyed this. Well done!

Thank you so much! I'm proud of how the effect turned out but it definitely took longer than I'd like to admit. I was hoping to randomize the amount Monochem deducts for a bit of a gag but didn't have the time for it. I'll definitely take a look at your game, too!

Thanks! They're procedurally generated, too!

Thanks for playing it! Glad you enjoyed it.

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MONOCHEM thanks you for visiting!

You'll start your new job as a Molecular Quality Assurance Engineer. Inspect beakers and remove duplicate molecules. Only remove what you have to, and be quick! Letting the volatility meter max out will have consequences for your career.

To play, download and extract the zip, then run MONOCHEM.exe. To uninstall, just delete the folder. Now get to work!