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Interesting concept! I really like the retro style and sound. Great job with the ship physics. Just the right amount of slipperiness. Also the little guys that latch on to you and drag you around were really cool. I loved that in order to get them off of me I had to smash them into a wall or have a missile take them out!

I do wish there was a checkpoint system, though! I couldn't get past the part with all the turrets because the bullets keep pushing me back!

Overall I think there's a lot of potential here. With a bit more refinement you could really drive home the barely-functioning ship idea, which is great. Nice work!


Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback.  I had checkpoints next on the todo list but just ran out of time.  The tons of turrets is all I could manage in the time for a finial challenge but maybe was a bit too hard.