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Nicely done!

Nice execution of delayed input!

Great execution of the delayed input idea! The indicator makes all the difference.

Thanks for the feedback! I added info in the description to clarify some confusing aspects of the game. The knockback is admittedly crazy!

Very true.

Impressive work!

great stuff

Great game, makes you FEEL like a time baron!

Nice work! The pixel art is great and the music fits well.

I liked the level design, especially the Super Mario Maker-esque reverse psychology trolls with an arrow pointing where the good outcome is after the player gets trained otherwise ^^

The controls were pretty good (the character could be a little lighter but that's just preference).
I liked the boss at the end and the "looped plot" ending was great as well.

All in all, cool game!

Also, feel free to check out my submission, it's a platformer as well!

On a sidenote, I wouldn't smooth camera movement when using Unity's Pixel Perfect, it makes it jitter a lot. You could lock it on the character with some movement buffer in y axis (or even better use a static cam and move it only when needed).

Great graphics and amazing audio!
I love the outrun/Tron-like style, the character and environment look awesome!
The music is really great as well. I especially love the breakbeat track ^^.
As for the gameplay, the platforming controls and camera handling are okay-ish (alright but a lot could be improved). Also, I realize it was for the theme, but the trial and error gameplay loop is pretty lame in my opinion :/  (Although the "YOU WIN" screen and victory music did make me laugh the first few times ^^)
The theme is pretty strong though and overall it's one of the better games I've seen on this jam! Great job!

Also, check out my game if you want, it's a disguised platformer as well!

Super polished and some nice level design! The graphics, music and sfx are great as well.
As for the theme, I'm guessing switching the rules on and off could be associated with lie/truth dynamic (the rules are never lies though so I'm not sure if it fits that well).
Great work though!

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Hah, thanks for the kind words :) There were three of us!

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I'm glad you liked the concept! Sorry for the frustration :( Unfortunately in-game cursor isn't tied to actual cursor position so even a smallest lag can mess a lot with it's movement. As for the audio, it isn't at all how we wanted it to be. 90% of our sound designer's work didn't actually get implemented into the final build (some bad planning). We will probably upload a fixed version in the future.
Anyway, thanks for playing!

OH. MY. GOD. I have been bamboozled.

But the lack of multiplayer doesn't make the idea any less great and reinforces the theme of the jam so you're forgiven ^^

Oh my god the voice hahaha, this is great!!

We both got the coolest idea! Great job!

Haha, I was wondering if someone would come up with a similar concept and here we are! 

Do you know how to reproduce the bug? I don't think anybody reported this issue before. 

Anyway, thanks for feedback, see you on the next GMTK jam!

I love the smooth combat in your game!
And this is my entry:

Nice game! The combat is really fluid, great job!

Whoa it's mutiplayer! And super fun! The fast pace makes it play like a WarioWare game. It's impossible to play less than 10 rounds at a time haha. Great job! 

Also if you want feel free to check out my game, it's much slower though ^^.

Thanks for feedback! I'm torn on the difficulty, some people said it's very challenging ^^. I'd definitely  include more and harder levels if I had time though!

Hah so hard and fun! I love the alternate win condition even though I couldn't do it. Also this title screen ^^

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Here! Simple chess-themed 1D puzzle game. One-dimensional, but doesn't lack depth!

Ah, a fellow chess-inspired jammer! Although the theme isn't super strong it's a unique spin on the classic game with some nice nice pixel art. Great job!

Solid game! I love the slo-mo and the John Wick/Super Hot vibe. I see some comments saying the controls are not that great, but I disagree. I like that i have to balance between standing in one place to shoot accurately and not dying ^^. I also think it makes it stand out from similar games (like hotline miami-esque games, twin-stick shooters etc). Oh, and holding the roll button is super crazy, haha! Great job!

Wow, super interesting! It's like looking at a 2D world through 1D lens. Working out the environment in complete "darkness" is so much fun! That's an awesome take on the 1D, completely different from what I came up with. I also really love the mirrors. Outstanding job!!

Nice to see a similar approach to the theme! Super smooth as well. Great job!

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Oh, of course! I didn't specify how I would want to reward the player and a leaderboard is certainly a great way to do that! Although even simple thresholds of moves could be enough (ex. granting a star(?) for fewer than 20, 15, 12 moves). This would also give the game some replayability.

I love the idea as well as the aesthethics. Great design but maybe a tad too fast (I should probably just git gud).

Cool idea! Interesting use of the theme. Good job!

Holy crap the particles feel AWESOME! I like the literal  approach to the theme as well. Great job!

Hey, thanks for feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I know I wasn't clear enough when it comes to the goal (hence I wrote it in the description later). I hoped the animation would convey win condition good enough but turns out there is much to be done in the tutorial area. 
As for difficulty scaling and level design, I was running out of time and as a result some levels are much less polished than others.
Brute-forcing levels could be disincentivised by rewarding the player for solving levels with as few moves as possible. If I had had more time (or better planning) I would have certainly added that as well as more levels, better level design, and maybe an Undo button.

I love the idea and execution. Good job!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

Yes, I was aware of the moving back and forth strategy. It would've been less of a problem if I had either better planned some of the puzzles or included some sort of incentive for winning as fast as you can (like a turn limit or reward for minimal amount of moves). Unfortunately I was out of time so I had to submit - I would love to include more and better thought out levels. 

Cool idea! I like that you can lead zombies into the arrow when it slows down enough.

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it!

I have no idea why it did that :( Thanks for playing!