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Gorgeous visuals, I'm impressed by the polish :) Great gameplay, I did get stuck though.

Rated, great game!


Great game! I like the upgrades a lot. Moving could have been more controllable, but overall, good job!

Rated, great stuff!

Really immersive, great animations and sound design! Loved it!


Great idea and execution :) I really liked the snail types, and the pokemon vibe. Keep it up! One thing that bothered me was fighting. It was a bit slow overall and randomly missing attacks, quite unsatisfactory.

Great job! I got all the endings!

Nice art style and  :) Keep it up!

Great, immersive atmosphere! Playthrough was pretty smooth. Some form of highlighting for interactable objects would be nice, but not absolutely required. Good job!

Great stuff, Celeste vibes, keep it up <3

Thank you for your feedback! The game is cryptic by design, but we may have overdone it a good bit. I'll add some tips in the description and will add more if more people share you opinion.

That's an intentional joke and also truth ^^

go right after that

Great experience! Visually impressive, I love edge detection, the crystals, the whale :) A bit confusing at first but after figuring everything out, I'd say it's one of the best games on this jam. Shooting seemed a bit underused or unnecessary but other than that it's great :>

Nice music generator :) Keep it up!

Very impressive! Not only well polished and fun, but also the whole game is built around the music (which itself is great as well). Everything is synced! My favourite part is the high-pitched sounds the explosion make. Keep it up :)

All around great game especially for 24h of work! The overall goofiness is really fun. Great adaptive music :)

Impressive animation and great visuals! I wasn't too keen on the physics though.

Great implementation of adaptive music, and great music overall :)

P.S. I wish you could speed up the text.

Great controls, gameplay and animation. Music is awesome and adapts well. Reminds me of this :)

Fun stuff! I liked the chaos, although trucks randomly mowing me down from behind were quite a problem :) Great use of adaptive music, keep it up!

Great music and animation!

One half-step for man, one giant leap towards adaptive music :>
Sound can't travel through space but neither can I so we're even. Great game, would hit F5 a bunch more times ^^

Great visuals, I love the background, looks really impressive :)
You had some good gameplay ideas!
Small nitpicks: pushing the souls was a bit too unpredictable for me, and switching layers was quite slow for the game's pace.

glad you liked it :>

Invisibility is my favorite superpower.

I love collecting money.

Good stuff :)


Great execution of the delayed input idea! The indicator makes all the difference.

Thanks for the feedback! I added info in the description to clarify some confusing aspects of the game. The knockback is admittedly crazy!

Very true.

Impressive work!

great stuff

Great game, makes you FEEL like a time baron!