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Thank you for trying it out!

Thank you! AI is fine as it is, there won't be always traps to help you out haha.

(yes, Arx Fatalis was the inspiration for the casting system)

Haha thank you! All I can say is maybe, it's lots of extra work haha. <3

haha glad you hate/like it <3

Thank you for your kind words <3

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing the game.

You should not pick Ygraku! It gives you -80% Max health which means everything kills you in one hit, it's for people that want more challenge.

Thank you <3


The demo is only the tutorial, for more you gonna have to wait for the full version hehe!

Thank you!

Good job!

I see you're playing on a controller, it's still not oficially supported but you did well!

I think you have to delete the save and then close the game and boot it up again for it to be fixed.

Sorry for that!


The new version has some weird interaction with old savefiles, clicking delete save should hopefully fix that.

Demo is just the tutorial section + boss, some of the screenshots show stuff that are further in game.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing the game!

1. Controller is not officialy supported yet, but I'm working on it and making sure it feels good.

2. There will be no map in the game, I'll try making sure each rooms is more different and that there's more landmarks.

3.This version of the game only saves if you beat the demo so you can continue into ng+ of the demo. Next version will have a proper continue button.

Thank's again!

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!

1. Lot's of these effect like Chromatic aberration and noise filter are gone and won't be in the next update. Vignette is staying but will likely have an option to be disabled in the future.

2. I agree it's quite jarring and will likely be gone in the future. The reason why it's happening is it's tied to some of the systems that make sure you can't move and are immortal etc.

3. Levers are pretty obvious I agree but there might be some more vague things like the drawing on the wall that you can interact with in the demo. I think it's fine as it is for now.

The grammar errors will be fixed towards the end of development as I will have people which's first language is english check it. Effect and all that will also be changing throughout the development .

Thanks again for trying out the demo!

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Hi! Next update will come with a Kickstarter launch. It's gonna be similar to this version with lot's of tweaks, bugfixes and new stuff but nothing new beyond the boss as this is a demo. You can follow my discord or twitter for updates. Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Hi thanks for trying out the game. Not being able to open inventory or chests is a new one, I don't think that happened to anyone. Are you playing on ENG keyboard layout? If you have french or any other non eng layout it could mess stuff up. 

It will be ported to consoles.

Thank you!! 

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Thanks! The game is designed for singleplayer, multiplayer would be incredibly difficult to implement.

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What kinda PC do you have? It sounds like it's ancient.

If your gpu is like is somewhet recent like 2010+ try installing, reinstaling your gpu drivers. Can't really help you if I don't know what your gpu is.

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No but the finished game will be

Works fine with mouse!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much <3

I tested it on android with gamepad and it works fine but no plans for it. I might make an apk for people that wish to play it that way but there's lots of buts and I can't guarantee it would work properly on all devices.

Thank youuu <3

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Hi! Thanks for downloading the game. I think you're playing on a laptop without mouse right. I've noticed that problem too on laptops that the touchpad is disabled if you're using a keyboard.

This is a laptop feature and you gonna have to google up how to disable it in windows so you can use both keyboard and touchpad at the same time.

Thank youu <3. Good job defeating the boss!

Thank you for playing!

Who knows, maybe a kickstarter campaing is coming soonish hehe

Hello there and thank you for trying out the game!

Game's combat is more deliberat, positioning yourself correctly is part of the game. The sword's strong attack is more of a gap closer so you should stand a little bit away from enemies when using it. Some weapons like spears will only hit where your spear's tip is, but yeah, not spamming your attacks and making sure they hit is part of the game. 

Big guys have super armor yes and that's what they usually gonna have. That's the kinda stuff you'll figure out and learn as you play. 

Game is still in a very early development, different weapons , skins and movesets will be in game.  This is very barebones to see how people like it and get feedback early.

Thanks again for playing and trying out the game!

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Thanks a lot for playing!

You can dodge through attacks which the hand swipes, during the boss fight, are. This is the kinda video game logic that I think is usually accepted as fine. Dodging through enemies would remove too much of the difficulty.

Casting is explained when you pick up the Light spell. I made the design choice that tutorial stuff is very non intrusive and you can ignore it, so you must have missed it.

Font will change.

You can level up your endurance which increases your stamina (This is an RPG so your character will get stronger).

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback! 

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Yep. I'm also gonna be patching up this demo based on feedback, working on a big update right now that fixes lots of stuff.

Thanks for playing!

That said, I'm making some changes based on your feedback like increased movement/sprint speed, light lasting longer, faster and improved rolling and the stun you get after getting hit in exhausted state shorter.

Thanks again!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I wanted to explain a little why the game has instakill falling and "lag" at the end of some animations that you're talking about in your feedback.

If you press roll at the wrong time and in the wrong direction you have to live with that decision right and if you do it wrong you'll get punished, that's why the game is a souls-like but fair.

The game is supposed to be methodical where every button press fells important.

Some of this stuff will get better because it's an RPG and with more stats and talents it will get smoother.

Thanks again for playing!

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Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

There are more weapons but they don't have finished animations so I disabled them for the demo. Each weapon is also designed to have obvious weakness like for example the swords have short range but are quite fast with wide swings. Combat was also designed around 4 directional combat to make positioning something you have to think about.

The lower level was meant to be like a maze where you can get lost, there's an npc that tells you you should follow the pink trail. Game wont have map but yes I want to make the rooms more unique.

You also wouldn't believe me how many people told me I should make the lower level completely dark with more traps :D but people also on average died to the boss like 10 times too. It's possible that you upgraded your weapons few times and leveled up too, that won't be in tutorial which basicly this demo is.

So yeah this boss is just a tutorial boss teaching you to use your dodge and be patient, only harder and spicier bosses will come after this one.

Thanks a lot again!

Hello there, it has ending. Demo ends with a nice boss fight and outro animation.

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Project Sang is a Souls-like Action RPG currently in development.

Explore, fight and defeat terrifying bosses in the unforgiving world of Project Sang.

Thank you everyone that will try the demo!

Play demo here:

haha thank you for playing!