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Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! 

I agree, I could have put more stuff and patterns in the game, still had like 10 hours left but I thought it's good enough and shipped it.

I already have some plans how to improve it post jam.

You can follow my twitter, tho I'm working on my bigger game for some time already so it's lots of work for me.

Thank you!

Oh sure. I'm already planning on how to make it better. Removing the gun and adding only a dagger so you have to sneak up behind enemies, adding crouch and making the grass not so tall so it's not confusing when they see you behind the grass, and also adding a 1-2 sec period with visual feedback (flashing light or eye above enemies) when enemies see you so you can still hide in that period.

Thank you! That's my fault, I hardcoded the game to force 1920x1080 resolution so if your monitor is lower res, it messes up some of the visuals. Realized that too late haha.

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Thank you!

Yeah third level is quite hard, They actually have the same detection object.

I guess I could show it, here's the detection object, for funs:

Hey cool game! If you added few things it would be great:

scoring system because I don't know how well I'm doing.

More juice,  you can look up some youtube tutorials how to juice up your game (screenshakes, sound effects etc.)

Good job!

Thanks a lot MetalWolf!

Hey there and thank you! I wanted to keep the game simple and minimalistic and I didn't want to have big red cone of sights there. In a such short time I didn't figure a better way how to do it so I kept it clean.

Thank you! happy that you liked it.

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Hi there,

I work in advertising company (mainly politics, not video games but hey) so I hope I can help.

  • Thumbnail: Try going to the submission tab and keep scrooling down, observe what's catching your eye. Big readable text, contrasting colors, faces and important game elements (sword or a knight for RPGs, Gun for a shooter) etc. You need your players to click on your game first, if your thumbnail looks boring, no one will click on it.
  • Short description of your game: Keep stuff simple and short. Don't throw walls of text at your potentional players, they don't like to read, pictures are better.
  • Good graphics or artstyle: let's be honest, it's important.
  • Spam your game on social media: If you're going to be releasing a game in a month, you should be posting about it pretty much everywhere, everyday. Gifs and videos are the best. If you didn't build an audience it might be rough tho.
  • Good trailer
  • Try to talk with youtubers and streamers in advance, Don't send them an email one week before release. Plan with them when they should release their video of your game.
  • You can always try and find a publisher, there's a lots of them! Make a nice, clean pitch for your game and send few emails around.
  • Be lucky

There's more to it obviously but I hope this helps a little.

Thanks a lot!

thank you for your kind words!

Happy to hear you had fun!


Thanks a lot man!

I'll yorkshire your pudding bb

Thank you! Díky

Thanks a lot!

Thank you! The stealth part should make the one bullet part feel more important and add tension. If you miss your only shot, you failed.

Thank you! Yeh could use some more mechanics.

Happy to hear that you liked it!

Thank a lot!

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Thanks for a big comment! 

I actually put the gun quite late into the game and then changed the game around it, tbh it feels pretty out of place. Game started as a one life stealth game with one enemy (that would be stalking you) and that was my take on the theme.

If I would change one thing it's the gun and put a meele weapon in the game instead, so you would have to sneak behind the enemy.

People are really kind and I seem to have gotten quite nice number of ratings. Thanks a lot guys.

Soulward is probably the highest rated game from what I have seen - around 160ratings

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Thank you! We'll see how it goes.

Thanks a lot man!

Thank you! yeah there could have been better indication why or what saw you.

Thank you Moisty boy!

Thank you! Which sound was it? :D

Thank you! yeah that could have been done better.

Thank you! I was actually thinking about making an alternate ending there.

Thank you for your kind words! I'll see how it goes I could do some more with tis game after the jam.

Thank you! yeah the vision range could be done better.

Thank you!

here it is, it's spooky stealth game, thank you for playing.

hello there I made a spooky stealth game, try it out. Your game looks cool, I hope I'll get to play it soon after work.

it's kinds spooky so try it out!

Thanks a lot! Yeah that's my mistake. The game pretty much forces 1920x1080 resolution in each room so if you have a lower res monitor, it will look messed up. It's easy fix.