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Pixelbyte Studios

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Sometimes when going between rooms I would get stuck and be unable to go to the next screen unless I came out of the door and tried again. Aside from that,  I like the art style and would like to see some more rooms and puzzles utilizing this idea.

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The boss will not spawn new minions if you keep shooting, but I can confirm there is a bug in the tiny minion spawning so even if you keep moving, the minions will periodically spawn tiny minions. I'll fix this when the GMTKJam is over. Thanks for playing and leaving a comment.

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I'm assuming you are talking about up/down movement and not left/ right. If so, then that is a valid critique, but if it is not letting you go all the way left and right then that is a bug. Thanks for the commments and thanks for playing!

Acessing the highscores list from the WebGL version probably isn't going to happen. Therefore, I've uploaded both Windows and Linux versions for those who are interested in some high score competition. Please try them out.

Currently having issues with the Highscore list.  I'm working on a fix which should involve adding a crossdomain.xml file to my zip package i uploaded to itch.io. No existing files will be modified.

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You must have played right after I uploaded the first time, and you must have clicked the full-screen icon that Unity puts on all the WebGL builds by default.   It wasn't my intention to allow full-screen,  so I removed it from the html. It was literally just a few minutes before I saw your comment.  When played at the default resolution as intended, the boundaries are correct. Thanks for the feedback.

Update: From one of the other comments I'm guessing you were talking about vertical movement. That is indeed a valid criticism. Initially I was going to have some obstacles to mess around with in that area but that didn't end up happening.

This is quite impressive. It has great atmosphere and the black/white/gray color palette adds to the feel of the game. I finished it, but now I apparently need to go back and find the secrets. Well done!

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Joysticker Pro utilizes a map file that converts any joystick you may have to a standard gamepad configuration. Basically it ends up looking like an XBOX360 controller, and this makes the button remap scripts you write portable across any joystick.

While Joysticker Pro already has many of the more common joysticks configured, it is possible yours might not be in the built-in database. You may need to create one of these mapping files which is just a way to tell Joysticker Pro which hardware buttons you want to map to a given gamepad button name. The easiest way to generate a new mapping is to start Steam in Big Picture mode, configure your joystick and then look in config/config.vdf in your Steam installation directory for the "SDL_GamepadBind" entry. Copy it without the quotes and put it in the userControllerDb.txt file located in the Joysticker Pro directory. The mapping format is human-readable and you could also do it by hand if you don't have Steam. 

Thanks :)

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Quite a fun little game. You should add more arenas to fight in or allow users to create their own. Thanks for this little chunk of fun.


Joysticker Pro has been released! Check it out here.

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I've decided to release what I have been calling Joysticker 3.0 as a separately-named project called Joysticker Pro. Joysticker Pro will have the nicer generic X-Box controller-like controls, joystick maps that will make scripts more universal, better joystick visualizations, a script repository (future), integrated script editor (future), scriptabe auto-fire, plus other stuff.

I'm still working on the new version of Joysticker. I have the new build up and running but there is still several things to do: the new UI for joysticks, test/debug, integrate a script repository into the program (probably for the next version).

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Stop bugs from stealing your food by spraying them, stepping on them, and occasionally using a vacuum to suck your wayward food back into your hungry hands. This is the first of my 6-month game-a-month challenge where I release a free game every month on as many platforms as I can manage.

Check it out HERE

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Joysticker 3.0 uses joystick map files that allow any joystick to be mapped to an XBOX 360 joystick layout. That means in your script file you use indicate your buttons using A,B,X,Y, trigger buttons, etc. Now any script file you create can be used with pretty much any other joystick out there as long as you have a map for it. It just so happens that the Steam client has a great way to make/download these joystick maps that Joysticker 3.0 can use. I currently have all this working, but I need to make time to test my the framework to work out any bugs. Once it is released, I hope to create a script repository where you can go and download or upload config scripts. Then the next step is of course integrating the script upload/download capability into Joysticker, but that is for the future.