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Hi Havik,

This game looks very promising! Feels and plays like a variation of that "Mercurial Story" game, but on steroids! Though, it is forgiving with the extra lives and hearts, along with a spawn point at the previous area that you failed at.

The music is also very upbeat and wacky at the same time. Reminds me of a Warioware tune. :P

The leader-board is a nice touch, keeps people playing and competing against each other.

If you can add some more wacky tracks and some fun characters + environments, this could be a great game!

Judging by the rankings and score you got, this looks like a great contender for Mark's top games! Wish you the best of luck! :)

Haha, yeah it is woefully incomplete. XD 

But we do want to finish it. 

If you are interested, we can send you a copy/ notice once it provides a more "complete" experience. :)

Thank you! Best of luck on your submission as well! :D

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to give some feedback on your game since you took the time to play ours. :)

Did not expect to see a RTS game in this jam! Very bold! :D

I really like the premise for this! And I definitely see potential for a more full-fledged game.

For example, every "stage" can be a different dragon that needs to be defeated in different ways. (This dragon was a flying dragon, but what if there was a dragon that was underwater? Or burrowed underground? Maybe one that has magic shields? There are a ton of options!)

Also, a big fan of low-poly graphics, feels like I am playing a really polished N64 game. XD

Best of luck in this game jam! You and your team made a great game.

Hi turpitron,

Just wanted to give some feedback on your game since you took the time to play ours. :)

This is a really cool concept!

It's one of those crushingly difficult games, reminding me of the good ol' retro days, that you just have to keep playing until you get better at it!

I can definitely see this being expanded into a full-fledged game. With some alternate game modes, powers and achievements, you can get even more people checking this out!

I have a good feeling that Mark is going to add this to his top 20 for this game jam! Simple. Innovative. And it is an interesting take on platformers + shmups. It has legs!

Great job on getting this done in 48 hours! :D

Hey Nick!

Actually, you just experienced the whole game! lol

We managed to get a few things set-up (sneaking, dashing, sleeper hold and grabbing/tossing stuff) but didn't get enough time to flesh it out.

Sadly, we were not able to complete the game in time. We focused way too much on the mechanics/  ideas and got caught up working on that for the whole game jam.

However, we do have plans to polish and finish up this game idea. I could reach out to you in the future if you are interested to see the full game. :)

Thanks for the response!

Hi turpitron! 

Yeah, we uh... got carried away with the mechanics of the game. XD It was more complex than we thought!

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete what we originally had set out to complete in the 2 days of the game jam. What you see is what we were able to cobble together. 

However, we do have plans to polish it up and complete this game! If you are still interested in the future, I could reach out to you once it has been completed. :)

Thanks for the response!