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Thank you! You are absoultley right. 

I got 9 Meters, is that good? 

Like the idea, but the visuals have really suffered due to the lack of time

I like the idea. Really like the aesthetics , very Long-Dark-y. But I seem to die with a fully lit torch,

Controls remarkably intuitively for what it is but you have to fix your camera issues. 

The sound design is great and it looks awesome! I like that is has a pretty finished look. 

I like the idea of the only one equipped item. The music is nice as well. Could have had some more tutorial messages here and there

See those neon lights everywhere?  I use them so I dont have to create texture maps for anything. :)

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Instructions and details in a comment post here (just lower)

Thank you!

Thank you very much!


(Writing it here because of server issues)

Controls: Only the mouse. Click to Start and hold it to the end. Good luck. 

This is a hack  and slash game where you have to complete the entire game with only one click.

The movement is achieved by pointing in the desired direction,

hitting is done by moving the mouse quickly to do a Slash.

You can use that slash to jump over gaps.

Working alone always means that there had to be compromises and that is nothing new.

In my case they were the level art, enemy variety and the final touches of the boss logic but I am still happy with the result I managed to get.  

Thank you very much!

Hey, thank you for your kind words! I think what might have happened is that you cant delete ALL the messages, you have to delete Only the ones from women. Sorry that's my bad. The tutorial was left for the very last moment and I simply forgot to mention that.  Thank yo for your feedback.

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Please click theLink to the game for the full details about the game's idea and instructions on how to play (not that it's that complicated).

I know steering on the ground is not done with the flight stick but it looked better that way