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Really liked the idea and overall very good execution nice visuals good player feedback superb music nice levels my only gripe with the game is that the turn around input and jump input are to similar which made me mess up a lot. maybe make it so you auto turn around when you hit a wall just an idea though also would have liked some more fastpaced platforming section since I enjoyed those more than the puzzle ones. But these are just small things overall an amazing entry to the jam :)

Really liked your game has some clever puzzles and fun platforming. Looks quite polished and has nice sound effects background music could have been nice. My only issue with the game is that I know the solution to a puzzle but cant execute the precise jumps. Would have like the jumps to not be too hard to so its more about the puzzles. But I am nitpicking here very nice game :)

Really funny game. Only issue is that I wanted it to be longer :)

Very well made game had fun with it getting combos was satisfying. I think handmade levels you have to get through could have been even more fun than endless waves. Would also be cool if the exploding enemies could blow up other enemies for even bigger combos. Hope you expand on it :) 

Really good puzzle game one of my favorites! The learning curve was a bit too steap for me though. Switch blocks where hard to wrap my head around.

Nicely made game would have liked some more level variety but other than that well done :)

Thank you very much glad to hear you enjoyed it :) Just out of curiosity how far did you make it?

Really good entry would love to see a fully fletched game with more bosses and more of a learning curve.

Simple fun concept the first levels are a bit too big imo but overall a nice entry :)

Let me know when its ready :)

Very good core idea at some more levels and things to interact with and this could be a nice steam game :)

Cool concept and nice level but was just a bit too hard for me :)

Really liked it could be easily made into a mobile game if you added touch controls and maybe some different thematic levels :)

Now beat it blindfolded :)

Understandable :). If you do manage to find some more time the later levels are a lot more interesting and show off some cool 1 fps specific mechanics. Might be worth checking out if you enjoyed the first levels :)

Glad you liked it :).  Just wondering what was it you where stuck on lvl 8?

Really creative idea and very satisfying to keep growing bigger sadly the game crashes after you become to big :( but besides that issue I really enjoyed the game and hope you expand on it :)

Nice idea :) The controls could use some more polish though they feel a bit stiff at the moment. Would also so have liked some more levels since the concept has potential. I enjoyed what I played though :).

I did not hit her! Oh hi mark

This sure was something thanks for this experience!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

You can kill the spikey dudes with the sword by just walking over them. Hope you try out the other levels since the design becomes more interesting later on :).

Thank you for the feedback :). We had a lot of fun making this game glad to hear you enjoyed it. Just out of curiosity how far did you make it in the game?

Nice game would have liked if it also had some levels instead of just an endless mode. But other than that nicely made