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Great animations and graphics. i wish there was just a little more nuance to the spiders shooting and maybe the squirrel moving faster. everything just feels really floaty right now.

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This is a really great game! its got some really surprising replay-ability. the first game, i didn't realize the upgrades stacked, so my next game was very different. another contributing factor to this replayability is the random spawns of each upgrade (although, i think there's a bug with the 'reload speed' spawning, i never saw it).

I could totally see this being a full mobile or flash game if you added a few maps, different modes, and cleaned up some of the animations/graphics. Awesome job!

Edit: oh yeah i forgot, there really needs to be an indicator of the tower's range (other than the number) and some way to tell what level each plane is.

I think this is a cool game theoretically, but I don't think the execution is very strong. its unlikely that i would come back to this game for repeated sessions, due to how slow the gameplay is. although im not sure how you would get around that issue with a game like this.

i dont understand what to do? what are the controls? whats the goal??

"an error occured while trying to run unity in your browser"

doesnt work :((

tagged as playable in browser, but it doesn't let me do it.