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Vintage Japes

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I had bad luck with RNG but good game.

Its an interesting game! I love the art style.

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This was one of the hardest games I played, died like fifty times, and my best score was -1

I really like the creativity, It is a good challenge. 

This was a lot of fun to play, I like how it links to other games you made too. Love the animations

Definitely Challenging, I could barely get past the first level. Might try to get further later.

Couldn't get the two player to work, but it was a very pretty game none the less.

I love the art ^^

AT first I was running around unsure what to do, and avoiding death, then I learned how to actually play. I love the game. It got a bit laggy when bigger Enemies started showing up

It's... The visuals are good, I just couldn't figure out how to actually play ^^''

It stressed me out trying to keep up with the falling islands, but I loved it anyways lmao

I really liked playing this! On one of the levels I shot a ball into a platform and it got stuck, it was pretty funny. But that was the only hiccup i had. It is a good puzzle game :D

I like base building games. The characters kept getting stuck, but it was fun either way.

Its really cute!!

No Problem :D

This is an awesome game! I meant to play it yesterday, but just got to it lol. But I really like this game, I think I'll keep it on my desktop to play when I don't feel like playing anything else. Simple but it becomes more challenging later on.

This is amazing! I love games like this :D I played it for a good while.

Beautiful game! I loved the visuals, and how everything was glowing. It looked epic. The music was amazing too.

Yes! :D 

THank you ^^

Beautiful game! I loved playing it, I like how the music gets more intense as you age, and get closer to the end. 

Thank you ^^ and yeah we didn't have time to play test it, oh well lol

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Love the puzzles! They were really challenging 

Ohhhh I collected like 4 coconuts, and wasn't sure how to use them, thanks for the tip!

No problem!

It's fine! Its actually really well made. 

Pretty cool.

I like the concept, but when I got to the third level it lagged so bad I couldn't finish it unfortunately. It's a cool game either way.

This is actually a really fun game. It's challenging trying to keep your gang alive with only one gun, and pretty cool you can switch guys but throwing the gun at them. I failed one time by hitting one of the guys with the gun, like it slapped them as if they were a skeleton. I don't know how that happened lol.

This is pretty cool. Died while running around, right in front of a water source lmao

I like the fast pace, and the music is awesome.

I like the challenge of not being to move, or moving by blowing yourself up.

No problem ^^

This game was a lot a fun!, I died with one second left

I really like this game, it was challenging!

I'm glad you like it! Thanks!

This is so cute! 

I couldn't beat it, I had to stop myself from becoming obsessed with trying to win.

No problem ^^

It's a bit slow, but that adds a different kind of difficulty. I like it, maybe amp up the speed a bit.