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Vintage Japes

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Great job! This looks like a very well-made game! I love the graphics and the art style.

Thank you! Yep, did them myeself, quite proud of them. Though I'd probably work on the houses a bit more if I had time lol.

I love the jumping back and forth between times! it was a lot of fun! 

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I think that would be cool, there are also special fonts like open dyslexic. Though, bold Courier, and separating different posts with colors/ highlights really help me read a little better. 

(Edited, I said bold Arial first, but I meant Courier)

Feels like a mobile game, which isn't a bad thing. I like puzzle games a lot, the quick reactions that are needed really made me think hard. 

Yeah i might have made it too easy xD Well i was testing it was way to hard to actually win, by the time I submitted it i was too tired to tweak it more. 
Thanks for playing though!

I like this game a lot, too bad i have a bad case of dyslexia lmao. I missed a lot, but I ironically like chat room games. Good job. The art and visuals look awesome! Very cute.

I love the art, and music you guys made for this, it looks awesome. 

Yeah xD with enough practice and patience i can see it being mastered lol

Kinda difficult to play the browser game when the entire page scrolls down as part of the mechanic. Good concept though.

This was pretty fun, the cats are nearly impossible to control i love it.

Awesome game! I love the visuals for this, and I love the high speeds. Definitely dd not feel in control, but i was able to get a, what i think was a decent score lol. A few times i came out of boosting to immediately crash into an asteroid.

Needs some fine tuning but I enjoyed the game. I love the idea you had! Its a really cool concept.

This was a sweet game. Though randomly would hit stuff that wasn't there, and if you went to high the camera would move up, and cute out the bottom of the screen, but wouldn't go back down. 4/5 time the obstacles that spawned would make a wall that you couldn't get passed without hitting something. 

The graphics are cute, and the animations are also pretty awesome. 

Cool little bird game. though figuring out the controls was tricky. I assume its multiplayer, so I couldn't really play it to its full extent .

I had lots of fun, thanks for hosting it!

Thank you!

sorry for the delayed reply! xD

I'm not sure what happened, but i love the style. The sound, and the art style are pretty cool.

I like it, at first i didn't understand what to do, lol. But it was a fun little game. Nice mix of the two themes.

Awesome, Its cute and simple, yet challenging. 

I love it it so far, I am glad i bought it. Its pretty relaxing. 

No Problem :D