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I hear your frustrations- most of them are consequences of my rushed implementation. The hitbox on the Guys were originally the full sprite, but were reduced to half the height in order to have them walk at the top of the screen without it looking strange. The horizontal and vertical velocity on the gun, guys, and enemies are all dealt separately instead of using trigonometry which would have practically gotten rid of the issues of the gun sliding just shy of its destination, but that was a decision I made early on because I'm not used to doing it that way. Making the gun throw distance shorter than original was yet another last minute change so it couldn't be tested out.

On another note, the turrets were added to encourage spreading out, and I think a few of the levels featuring the turrets are turned out the best, forcing the player to pass and move around as much as possible. It's unfortunate I couldn't think of another way to play like this, because it's certainly when the game is at its most fun

Thank you so much for your comments, and so much for playing!