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This has a lot of potential. This was the first RTS I've seen in the jam so that was very cool, and it gave me some serious Warcraft vibes which I am a big fan of. I especially liked playing the humans in warcraft, so the villagers and archers gave me al ot of nostalgia. 

The goal of banding villagers together and slowly dealing damage to a dragon was really nice. I like the feel of small people joining forces to defeat something larger. I positioned my archers in different areas to defend all parts of the town, and eventually you can go send them to hunt it. 

The dragon coming into town caught me off guard the first time. It looks really fluid and captures the feeling of a dragon well, and more importantly it makes me dislike the dragon as a player. Losing cows and peasants motivates me to train my army for revenge.

Most RTS games are about even armies fighting each other. But I like this idea of only taking down large targets. It actually feels pretty epic and rewarding. In the patched version the dragon was flying around in the ground after I got its health to 0. I WANT TO SEE ITS CORPSE

Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback! We are glad you experienced emotions we planned. Btw, Warcarft III was our main source of insipiration)

We fixed the bug with Dragon's "afterlife" and will upload it as soon as jam is over.