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An amazing horror game. 10/10

Wow this game is easy and super fun. Best clicker game EVER. I bet  you cant beat my high score LMFAO.

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Thanks, it is great to hear this from a pro dev. Your team made one of the best games of the jam. My game's rating scores bum me out a bit but we did really well in popularity so I can't complain. I am planning to keep updating this game for a bit longer. Also thanks for nominating my game on that award thread.


Thank you for the feedback. I am glad you liked the game. I added some more varied late game content in my post jam update. You can type in "next level" into the console if you want to skip to the higher levels.

Alright this is the second time someone from your team has posted a thumbnail in my comments. I already asked you folks not to do this. -_-

This is an example of a high-quality thumbnail. Take notes kids.

Best thumbnail of the jam.

Go check out this guy's game. My personal favorite of the jam.

Thanks, I am glad that you like it. 1111 11!

Thank you so much for the positive comment. Congrats on finding most of the secrets. I feel like your comment is the most accurate description of the game lol. The person who made the music loved your comment.

Protip: Turn off all weapons and hang out with your clone friends.

I added this to my best games of the jam collection. The game is fun to play and the character art is great. The environments are a bit ugly due to sharp edges and tiling textures. However the the assets themselves are great looking. The strategic aspect of picking your powers is a lot of fun. Balancing the risk/reward of speed versus difficulty is a fun puzzle and great design. Also your thumbnail is hilarious.

Thanks. Here you go:

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I put this game in my best games of the jam collection. The atmosphere is great. Combat is juicy. The mechanic is elegant.  Everything looks great because the designer has a clear knowledge of color and mood. The game is relaxing yet requires attention at the same time. The soundtrack is also super gorgeous.

One of my favorites of the jam. I can't seem to kill anybody with the machine gun but maybe that is just because I suck at shooter games. The comedy is top notch and I got to experience what it is like playing online games without actually disappointing real people.

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Thank you for your positive review. You can type in "next level" into the console if you want to jump levels.

Thomas's favorite games from the Jam he would recommend to any1:


Just curious what level did you get to? It gets weirder later. Also, more things are introduced. If you want to quickly catch up to your progress you can enter "next level" into the box.

Than you, it is great to hear all these super positive comments about my game. I am glad you enjoyed it. 1111 11!

I think you might have missed out on the weird stuff. Type in "next wave" as many times as you want before the aliens spawn to get to where you left off if you want to play a bit more and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Thanks, I am glad you liked it. Just curious... what wave did you play too? Things get weirder at higher waves.

Thank you for the feedback. I have never seen this happen in playtesting. Could you post a screenshot? Were you in fullscreen or windowed mode?

How could someone not rate this friend 5 stars?

1111 11!

It is important to learn the fundamentals.

Thank you. I try to keep things the right amount of we1rd.

Thank you. I am glad Thomas was able to teach you to type without looking. No one should look upon T̷̹̂̊͊̍h̸͍̤̪͎̓̽̀̉͆̂͂̉̈̑̉ó̷̞͙̀m̷̲̉ä̶͍̻͐ş̸̮͚͕̩̙̦̖͓̙̰̯̀̃̾͂͂̀͆̚ͅ.

11111111 <- No eyes, only 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111! XD

Don't worry Thomas still likes you.

I am glad you liked my game but please don't put your games thumbnail in my comments section. A link should be fine.

Thanks so much, you must be superhuman playing this many games. I am going to share this with the rest of my team.

The open mouth is hilarious.

This is pretty fun and addicting. It is a compelling strategy game.

I loved this game.  I won using mostly commercial stuff and ignoring research and environmentalism.

The writing is great and the one life mechanic adds to the tension. I got tortured to death.

This game is brilliant and hilarious. My complements to the artist.

Dang, I knew I should have made the number only 5. 

I think you are the first person to get to level 11 so congrats on that. You don't need to be at a high level to get to the secret ending though.

1111 11!

Thank you. I love these positive comments.