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Thanks to everyone rating plaing and commenting on thes game your support is gladly appritiated

very cool game i was gonna say that is was easy but then the difficlty cranked up

its a very stressful game and i found myself constantly mashing my keyboard to get to place towers and activate them

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nice 100 is a lot of points  thank you for checkin out this game 

its cool that you also created a 1d game it was a lot of fun and i really enjooyed it

thank you for plaing my game i will definitly check out your game right now

sounds intresting

thank you so much for playin my game ;)

this game is so much fun and it is very original with the thing that if you get seen then the seconds decrese


wow this is amazing you deserve 15 stars

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thank you for playing my game and

yeah i know the bug but didn't have time to fix it sorry

the consept is awsome and i couldn't stop playing cause it was so much fun

if you like you can come check out my game 1d shooter

i mean the game is really fun but were does the theme od only one come into play?

i mean the art is amazing and the music is fantastic

this game is really awsome the hook mechanic feels great  and the game is addicting.

but the only thing is that i can't really see were the theme "Only one" comes in to play.

if you are intrested you could come and try my game called 1d shooter

wow intresting consept the art is good and the game is fun yeah

this game is really good and i like that the planet changes face during the playthrough


wow this game is awsome you also made a 1d game if you want you can come try my game

1d Shooter

wow the idea and how you execute it was amazing  its just kinda hard but ya know what they say GET GUD

damn this is a good game ur gonna win.

come  play my game 1d Shooter its well um intresting

intersting game i like it 

come try my game called 1d shooter if you want to try a well 1d shooter

i would love to play this but there is no download or any thing

fun game it took me some time to get the hang of it though 

nice thank you for playin my game

i played you game a ton it was amazing the jumping mechanic feelt so good and the levels were well designed

i think you deserve 1st place soooooooo

good luck

we need more levels!!!!!!

this is amazing i gave it 15 stars

come check out my game 1dShooter


fun game it fitts the theme come check out my 1D SHOOTER called


it is a really good game and fun to play but you could have made somthing more creative and around the theme

what do you think i should improve?


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