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Thank you for pointing that out! We're working across the US timezones so that ~3am EDT should be ~midnight PDT. We'll keep an eye on it in case it seems folks won't be able to submit in time.

This was such a poignant piece of interactive fiction, I really enjoyed my time with it. The choice to take such modern concerns and cast it in the kind of fantasy world we often escape to makes it feel so real.

I especially like how this was comprised of four vignettes rather than a single thread. The story leads the reader to interpret a lot about the world and the characters, a fantastic read.

This was great! I couldn't find the first VHS so I just brute forced that puzzle but the rest went much smoother. Played on mobile the buttons were a little off, I wish there was a way to full screen on desktop. Loved the art & the VO, big defunctland vibes that came together for a fun challenge (:

This was a wild module for Mothership RPG! I definitely didn't survive, but I can see this being more manageable with a well-versed crew. Evocative detail in the room & target descriptions and the beasts were devastating to go up against. Great submission!

Fun game! I love IF but I was struggling with the lack of parser support (no shortcuts for verbs, few if any synonyms for nouns, few nouns in each room). It has some interesting puzzles and the reset really puts the pressure on. I also really dig the aesthetic, the old school vibe came through strong. I wish there was a text speedup or option to print immediately, it was killing my time to search through those lockers lol. Nice submission!

Thanks for playing! Our artists & composer crafted some impressive aesthetics

:D  Everyone on this project put forth a lot of effort - thank you for playing!

Thank you for the wonderful write up! We've just updated the build so that you can change the games performance settings with pageup/pagedown. Now it should play nicer on a wider range of hardware. Have a great week!

Nice video! Thank you for playing

Thank you ♪(´▽`)

Wow this game was a lot - I love how the tone dipped in and out of surreal horror. It's a good thing I wasn't eating while playing!

Thank you for playing! We should have a new build out soon for all to see Dan's hard work (:

Thank you for the feedback! I hope you're able to see the post-jam version which will include the amazing work of our sound designer and the card game portion (:

Thank you for playing!

You're absolutely right, I was the more experienced jammer and I should have pushed for a more cohesive whole during development. I hope you're able to give feedback on the post-jam build as well (:

Thank you!

You're too kind  \( ̄︶ ̄*\))

Thank you! We will definitely be taking usability concerns into consideration for our post-jam build

I know! Our sound designer did some fantastic work, the post-jam build will definitely include his superb effort.

Thanks for the report! This game uses Ink's built-in save system, but I'll see if I can get an update to make it more robust. Keep an eye out for future updates in the devlog, and thank you for playing!

Cute little game! I liked the animation transitions, especially at the end

A good start! The dialog was cute, it's too bad the rescue mechanic only worked for the first character. I would definitely be up for playing again once the rest is in - nice job for 48 hours!

Interesting concept! The room navigation felt a little clunky, it seems like there were some opportunities to investigate the other parts of the room (like the boxes, or the door) for more information. I got the you-win message but was unable to leave the room (and several of the sprites started artifacting/warping strangely). The story had some funny pieces, and using the puzzle board to derive information from clues worked out really well in most cases except the last where there were at least 4 valid solutions. Nice work for 48 hours!

Oh this was adorable! I love the little flame, the music was marvelous and fit the tone perfectly. I was a little sad that I had to reload the game after accidentally burning up all the moths in the first stage, I wish there was a way to reset without reloading the game. It was really satisfying to be able to enter the lantern surrounded by friends (:

Cute little game, the ending really pulled at my heartstrings. For some reason none of the textures were rendering on my machine (it was all bright pink) but the story still pulled along with the writing and the diary. Nice job for the tight deadline!

Thanks! I'll share my findings in a blog post after running an introductionary session for jammers, I'll share it here for anyone interested

Do you participate in game jams with a team? I would love to hear about how you make it work to help future jammers. Just take or share this short survey and together we can make jamming together better:

Do you participate in game jams with a team? I would love to hear about how you make it work to help future jammers. Just take or share this short survey and together we can make jamming together better:

Doesn't appear to be much going on in this game - there aren't any collisions on the houses (or rocks, or water, or walls, or anything other than screen edges), there is only one NPC to talk to, the shop is stocked with nothing and the cave gives loot without anywhere to spend it. After getting to Polyphemus I killed him (at level 4) which felt appropriate for a boss battle, but after defeating him the monster was still there, so I beat him again. Since the character's name is "hero" and it's in some kind of Greek mythology inspired world I'm guessing we're Jason? Seems like an exercise in RPGmaker's built-in systems rather than a game that is meant to be played.

Wonderful little game! The music is fantastic and adds the uncanny atmosphere that builds over the course of the story. One spelling bug I found was in the 2nd passage into the stacks of the library "walking further into the darken room".

Each ending was interesting - I got the shop ending first and I feel like it's the one that speaks to me the most, but the café ending was probably the most pleasant. The whole game plays out like a dream: strange and lovely and unnerving in equal measure. Great work completing it in under 48 hours!

An interesting submission! The large town invites players to explore, but at the moment there isn't much to do but interrogate the king and queen. I wasn't able to find the shop or spend gold collected from fights. The dialog and story were respectable, I especially liked the ability to call out suspicious behaviour. 

On my first run I accidentally exited the town before learning that I couldn't get back in. The introduction fight was at just the right level but most of the fights in the underground maze were very easy. I gained 5 levels in the underground maze while searching for the exit - the decision to not have any indication of where the exit might be made this section drag on too long. It may have been more interesting to have each of the dead ends have a "false" exit (like a ladder that doesn't lead anywhere) and force the player to memorize which is the correct one. 

The final boss fight was very difficult, which is appropriate but since I couldn't find the shop and had no way to grind levels (and recover afterwards) I went into the final fight with very little health and magic. A great submission for RPG Jam, once the fight > recover > spend money loop is ironed out it will be an impressive title. Nice work!

A short collection of unrealized ideas. The pitch is interesting, but there's no choice in the execution. The areas lack description, most of the characters are just one line of dialog (or worse, a null-content bucket) and would have benefited from being cut in favor of a more clear, singular conversation. The conversation "battle" tactics moved the meager stats by inches and had so few responses that I found myself madly clicking repeatedly just to see something different. Twine is easy to make branching narratives with, and the linear route through the story felt constraining. I appreciated the choice in pronouns, and hope that any future iteration of this concept involves more depth in what "cool" means. Sometimes the respect of peers isn't actually desirable, and a hunk who likes to help animals would only gain reputation through that admission.

Adorable, but this first version leaves a lot wanting. The lack of RPG battles isn't too bad except for all the text conversations that reference them. Same goes for the "Item Get!" boxes that hold nothing. The overworld map was an amusing joke of the internet being a confusing mess, but a little too confusing without a consistent change of pace. 

Lots of great pixel art with many  minor jokes, and the music was nicely reflective of the various areas moods. The puzzles that did make it into the game were interesting, I liked the scavenger hunt aspect in each of the 3 cities and the association that you didn't *need* to fight anyone to collect those pieces. A fun foray for RPGjam.

A fun little game! I love the progression loop - thematically the game is very strong for being done in 48 hours. I went with an all ease build at first but got such diminishing returns at level 6 that it really wasn't worth it anymore. Strength is the OP stat, for sure. I couldn't get a handle on how time was progressing - by actual time spent in game? By number of casts? Number of caught fish?

The animations and art are charming. I got to level 20 and it still took me 3 tries before catching the Terra Fish. Wonderful submission to RPG jam!

Nice job! The deaths can also be an achievement, but what's important is the dinosaurs we met along the way

Thank you! It may take on a new life in the future (:

Make sure you unzip the folder before opening the .App - hope you have fun!

I enjoyed this little game! The minimalist art lets you focus on the tight and satisfying core mechanic. The ambient music heightens the mood in story mode as you feel the different emotional weight of each stage of the bat's life, a great accomplishment for a game jam!

Silly and spooky in equal measure,

Halloween rhymes to trick, treat and treasure,

One end is too black,

Relief this build lacks, 

But the pain is worth the pleasure!