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Hey it's me, Andre

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You're 100% right! Although at first it feels good to make people stumble when trying to figuring out a level, I don't want to have people rage when not being able to correct a little oopsie poopsie of a mistake xD

dude, your game was a lot of fun too! I'm so glad you enjoyed our game :)

Great video my man! And thank you kindly for giving our game a shot! I'm so glad you persevered until the last level!!! You're a blast to watch playing!

Looking forward to seeing your changes!!

Visuals are super crisp! I would love to be able to access the Tower Upgrade by having to press a button within a zone rather than placing it in the center. I often found myself hurriedly trying to place it down to upgrade it while enemies made their way down the lane.

Love the concept, great job! 

Love the aesthetics and the feel! My one note in terms of arsenal, melee weapons feel severely underpowered compared to their ranged counterparts.

Smooth controls and camera. Great use of VFX

We're definitely glad to hear how passionate you are in analyzing our game and are deeply moved by your praise. We will definitely take to heart your comments and make appropriate changes to help move this game a little further!