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Thanks! We fixed the AI in new builds, it was really broken on the jam build... Glad you liked it nonetheless!

Hi Nazorus!

Cars are controlled by AI (broken AI on the build we submitted), you can only trigger abilities on opponent cars to make your car win the race. Thank you for playing it!

Thank you for your feedback!

That's exactly what we want to try next, my only issue is that it's a bit harder to explain at first, so we will have to find a good way to introduce it.

Really good puzzle game mechanics! I would have loved some button to revert one move, or at least some reset key to just try a different solution faster as you can get stuck on some puzzle. That said, everything else is well made, the experience is pleasant, the difficulty progression is soft, you gave some personality to your heroes, all that in 48h...Pretty solid!

I will take a look!

Yeah I remember someone during the brainstorm challenged us with this design asking "can you make at least one fun level without any extra mechanic, just with the base loop?" and we were like "damn we need at least one extra mechanic, let's make some!" ^^

Thank you for your clear review! Your two points are valuable for sure! We have a lot of things we want to try to reduce the frustration related to missing a position on the grid and having to reset the level.

And the conveyorbelts are kinda broken on the version we uploaded, fixing it on time was too complicated but we will polish that mechanic for the eventual post-jam builds :) (and we messed up the level order a bit haha)

Our "justification" for the theme comes from the fact that you can't have more than one direction at a time, meaning that if you still have the right direction available for example and collect the refill item, you still have only one right direction. But I guess that's questionable haha :D

Thank you for your review, it's highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Thank you for reviewing our game! We will think about a better solution for movement, as we have a lot of feedback from it.

Thank you so much for giving out your very complete feedback, it is so valuable for us, more than any good ratings we could hope for.

We really want to push something out of this gamejam project, we will see how it goes.

I actually want to defend our use of theme, as the victory condition is to remove pieces until there's only one piece remaining on the board. So your goal is to have only one piece on the board, and you can only possess one piece at a time.

Ok you win haha, that's actually clever :P

Alright, I finally had my chance to take time to test your game. I really loved it! Like many comments here the level where you're forced to swap blocked me but then I read the description and bam, solved!

It reminds me a lot of "Into The breach" were you are outnumbered but you have the advantage of knowing your opponent behaviour. I would have loved some indication on their next move eventually, the biggest challenge they had for ItB (visually speaking).

Maybe swapping to anything you want without any trading is a bit too open, I would suggest a maximum distance or a cost (energy that could recharge). That will force you to create more interesting scenarios for your LD, as you're going to close options. Here, knowing that the player can swap whenever he wants to to any enemy will stop you from controlling the level design. Think about simple rules that could improve that "control".

The difficulty curve was not bad, but there is room for improvement for sure.

The only "bad" point for me was the theme, it's close to "one single player game", like any single player game that could pretend to match the theme. It's more than that but I've seen more original ways to represent the theme.

Overall very good job, this is a very polished and pleasant experience, I would like more!

I've always been frustrated by single stick shooter as you need to face your opponent in order to shoot them. This is a variant of that, and kinda like it! I would have preferred to have some sort of aim assist (subtle) as it's hard enough to kite the enemies around and because only the first second of shooting matter I felt a bit more punished to miss my target than rewarded for hitting it.

The transition between movement and shooting is good enough, and that's the trickiest part of the gameplay. I think you did well on that.

Overall good job!

Oh I've seen your game a couple of times on stream, will try it!

This was intentional to trick the player with some perspective "issues". I didn't make the level personally but when I tried it I saw the path directly, so I would say it depends on how much you're used to figure out things in 3D or something. That said you're not the first one telling us that perspective trick bad hard to figure out, we will try to avoid those kind of levels in the future for sure (if there is any...future, whatsoever).

Thank you! :)

Definitely lacking of an ending screen...Haha :D Thank your for playing!

Thank you for your kind message :) I will check your game!

Thank you! :)

Oh look at this little cubic friend. Thank you <3

Oh, that's the first time we've been asking for camera stuff. Do you think it could improve puzzle readability? and are the controls related to the camera angle? If yes it's gonna be quite tricky to make levels haha :D

Thanks for giving out your opinion!

Thank you for reviewing our game! About the teleporters, we already had something working better for future releases: its showing you the link and the direction.

Thank you! There is an issue with the webgl version and some ennemies where you can't see the arrow indicating the movement, but we planned it.  A few minutes before sending the build the key action to confirm on menu were barely working (like you had to press multiple times to make it work). It's always a rush to finish a jam game...

Thank you for reviewing our game and give us feedback, it's highly appreciated :)

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I wanted to love this game but my brain refused to make it work, I remained lost for 5mn until I gave up on the first level. It looks like it was inverted or something? Can't tell. Brillant idea though, and love the atmosphere! Antichamber vibes (color palette)!

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A puzzle game with a twist!

Glad you liked it! <3

Webgl is crazy with everyone I think haha :D

Someone told me the exact same thing, only one direction, but you can press the amount of time you want. It will redefine all our level designs, but that's fine!

Thank you for playing our game, we appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!

Woooo, thank you! <3

Thank you! <3

Thank you! The ennemies not showing their path is a bug, specially with the webgl version. It's been fixed on our latest version. And I'm working on some way to show the direction of the teleporter, where there is like 6 of them it has to be subtle enough ^^

Thanks for playing our game!

Hey! Cool concept overall, but the controls are giving me some trouble to deal with. I still can still the potential! Good job :)

We did a "similar" game where you can only press each input once, but without platforming and more puzzled oriented, if you want to check it out:

Thank you for your feedback! The ennemies not showing their path is a bug actually, the ground is a bit too high on some levels and hide the arrows...This is fixed on recent versions but we're not able to submit any new build until the end of the jam. 

That's a good advice for letting players move as they want. This is one of the frustration point that comes back, that your are committed to your input choice and need to time precisely when you will have to release the key. Maybe slowing down a bit the movement will help a bit as well. I thought about some hidden helper that will try to help you stop on the correct line, but it implies some level knowledge, and it starts to melt my brain...

I've also put some tutorial and a faster reset animation to remove some waiting time and make the experience smoother :)

Thank you again for your feedback, it's highly appreciated!

I love ricochet-like gameplay! I would say the same for the difficulty, it's only about finding the correct mouse angle. Add some movement-based stuff (obstacle, things that will kill you) or maybe some thing like a pool game where you can slice twice so you need to think where you will land for you next slice. Not sure exactly but there is room for improvement. Maybe simply remove the ricochet indicator? or fade it after a few meters (like puzzle bobble)?

Shout out for the feeling of the movement, the slow-mo combined with the small slash effect works well! A great sword sound would sell it 100%.

PS: if you want to try out our puzzle game, you can check it here:

I didn't really like to know in advance that I will die for my next attempt, like mandatory. I would have love to have some chances (even not big) to avoid or defend myself. Or to die for a better purpose than activating a switch.

Graphics are good and I like the music, the creature chasing me worked quite well (with the mega red light haha).

The game reminded me "Life Goes On: Done to Death", where your dead corpse will play as a platform for example.

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I quite like the game! I think a part of it is to find out the rules myself, I wish then it was faster to retry somehow, like clicking during the upper animation part will skip it (because you already seen it like 2-3 times). Make more music notes/tones and you have a great small game!

Thank you for your review, reading that you like the art style fills me with joy :)

About the red ennemis maybe there is an issue with the webgl build but normally they have an arrow on the ground showing their next move. If you don't see it, try the windows build version eventually. I will check your game for sure!