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Haha thanks, I'm flattered. When I first drew him he was a little more stoic, but my wife made him more cute and hopeful, amazing what a difference just a couple of small tweaks can make :)


This is a pretty complex game to build in 48 hours! I totally dig the graphics/sound and ability to grab and interact with all the different items. I think if you spent some time polishing this up it has the potential to be a commercial quality game, or at least a mini-game within a larger RPG or something like that. Great job!

Turning system seems pretty complex, good job, I like it!

24 ratings at the moment here: Thanks!


I liked this for it's simplicity, good job!

This was excellent. Especially love the art style and sound. It took me forever to realize that the sliding enemies on level 2 only hurt you with your shield up, so that was a little frustrating. But then again I'm an idiot. 5 stars across the board.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback, honestly, you guys are way too kind!

Awesome, thank you! I wasn't totally sure if it would work at first, but very relieved that it did!

I definitely spent plenty of time wrestling with Unity's physics engine on this,  I wanted to do more with platforms and being thrown around by various objects but unfortunately the way I set things up initially made this really difficult to pull off on day 2.  In hindsight it might have been possible to code some custom physics rather than rely on the dynamic engine as much as I did. In any case, thanks for trying it out and providing feedback!

Brilliant game, good difficulty ramp and enjoyed the hats!

Very original, great job!

I really like the art, animation, and music. Although, it's not clear which fish to catch - good job otherwise.

Excellent art and animation but the enemies felt a little too tough. Making the player just a little bit faster might help solve this I think. Good job!

This was a fun idea, especially since it's pretty much a real world scenario. I also thought the low-poly graphics and lighting were excellent. My only nitpick is that the car controls felt somewhat clunky, movement with a single click or WASD might've helped. Otherwise, good job!

Thank you!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you, I really appreciate it!