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Wow! This is a very solid game!

This is so polished and there is so much levels with very good ideas. I'm very impressed. I have not finished all the levels (currently stuck on 21) but I will for sure!

Love the pacing of your level series too. Once an hard level finished, you give a reward with a little simple level. It's a very good idea.

I have to ask: is it hard to design puzzles like that with only one shape? What's your process?

With a little relaxing music, it would be perfect!

Great job! Hope you will get featured! :D


Hey, thanks for the comment :)

Level 21 (and 33 for that matter), are definitely on another level of difficulty than the rest of the levels.

The design process is actually quite simple, and i thought about adding an actual level editor: You simply re-create the shape you have in Level Blocks (the gray ones), and copy/paste, position/rotate them so they dont overlap. Do that a few times and you got a solid chunk of level. Add some "Easy to place" pieces on the outside of that. Test some times, adjust accordingly.

When you have all levels, rate them by difficulty and put in a fitting order.

this is a really clever approach to this! mark has to see this :)